Help Businesses Deal with Problems with Shopping Carts

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When it comes to improving the overall performance of your business, it all comes down to data. It is important to start collecting data if you want to understand the reason behind your users’ problems with shopping carts; then you must perform a thorough analysis and if necessary reshape your business model.

There’s nothing worse than seeing an enthusiastic customer enter your website, add tens of products into the shopping cart and then give up and exit your website without finalising any transaction. Believe it or not, many people today enter a website with the wish to buy; but then change their minds and drop out.

Enterprise Apps Today mentions that over 60% of avid online shoppers run off before finishing an online transaction. 6 out of 10 shoppers abandon their carts before completing a purchase. The good news is there are ways to deal with shopping cart abandonment. However, improving conversion rate optimisation is not that easy. If you want potential customers to buy – and not just pretend that they’re buying – you must implement actual strategies; strategies that work and have been tried and tested for efficiency.Help Businesses Deal with Problems with Shopping Carts

Bold, clear-cut call-to-actions are fundamental

Do you want to boost sales? Do you want people to buy your products and stop abandoning their shopping carts? Well then you might want to pay more attention to your call-to-action. A properly laid out call-to-action grabs the attention of a visitor, and it turns that visitor into a valid customer.

Call-to-actions come in different shapes and forms. Generally speaking, when crafting one you should be extremely attentive to colour, word placement and size of the button, graphic, image or text used. Your company’s designers know that effective call-to-actions are tough to create.  It can be difficult to find one that resonates with your visitors.  Software programs such as Visual Website Optimizer, Unbounce and Optimizely shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, these tools are great at helping your staff extract performance data and then determine what appeals to your customers and what doesn’t.Help Businesses Deal with Problems with Shopping Carts Dealing with unexpected costs

Many shoppers today abandon their carts because of high shipping costs. Regardless of the size of your business, you must find a solution to fix this issue because otherwise your risk losing important customers.  Offering “free shipping” can be a great start. But then again, if that’s not possible you can at least offer it accompanied by a clause. For example, start-ups can offer free shipping a week before a major holiday like Christmas.

According to, last season the 5-day free shipping week between Dec 17th and Dec 21st was a great success. Instead of browsing through multiple websites and spending a lot of time on one website before making the decision to buy, customers were drawn by the free shipping offer. They took advantage of it and bought on the spot, thus boosting the spending growth rate of online stores with nearly 53%. However, the real contributor to this spending surge was a promise (well-crafted call-to-action) to deliver the online purchases (once again, free of charge) before the Christmas holiday.Help Businesses Deal with Problems with Shopping Carts Know everything there is to know about prices and fees

Many customers dump their online shopping carts because of additional fees and add-on expenses. This often takes customers by surprise and usually contributes to their wish to abandon their cart rather than move forward and make that purchase. Companies should know that customers enter online shops with a purpose in mind. They’re mentally prepared to buy, providing that they find the product they’re searching for at a reasonable price, as shown on your site. They don’t want to head to the checkout page and see that the total amount is way bigger than anticipated.

Be smart about this, and if you’re using Magento you can easily include an on-page calculator free of charge. This will help the customer estimate the total price using the Estimate Shipping extension. The goal here is to avoid surprises throughout the checkout process. It is your responsibility to make sure the client is well-informed about the cost of the product, shipping and other additional fees involved. Otherwise, your customers won’t just abandon their carts; they’ll also avoid shopping from you in the future and you certainly don’t want that happening.

Help Businesses Deal with Problems with Shopping Carts Varied payment modes

Today’s modern shopper is a tech guru. This means that if you want to stop having problems with shopping carts, you need to have a diversified payment system. Even though many people still use credit cards to pay for products bought online, increasingly more are starting to use third party payments modes compatible with their smartphones and tablets. We’re talking here about digital wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Amazon Checkout and more. Lack of payments options may boost shopping cart abandonment rates. Why are not people using Visa or MasterCard to buy things anymore? Because they no longer have time to introduce their personal information and credit card number each time they want to make a purchase.

If you want your business to land loyal, returning customers you need to pay more attention to third-party payment systems. Digital wallets allow them to buy things online with a click of a button. This feature can also boost your sales. The process is a lot easier to use, 100% safe, fast and flexible. You should always think about the customer and put their needs first if you want to have a thriving, profitable venture.Help Businesses Deal with Problems with Shopping Carts Email remarketing

No matter what you do and how much you try, some customers will still change their minds and abandon their carts in the middle of an online shopping spree. It’s literally impossible to stop everyone from leaving. However, there are ways to convince people to come back and finalize their order. Email remarketing is a strategy that shouldn’t be ignored. It captures a customer’s email address and if that individual doesn’t complete a transaction it reconnects via email in an attempt to convince them to return to the site.

The best shopping cart abandonment email examples contain discounts or loyalty coupons meant to appeal to lost customers and convince them in some way or another to complete their pending order. However, if you can’t afford to give anything for free, you can at least create some tension. Alert your customer that the products in their cart are selling fast and that this is their last chance to buy. This might convince them that your product is qualitative, and that many people are eager to buy it.Help Businesses Deal with Problems with Shopping Carts Use remarketing ads

Remarketing ads are very similar to email remarketing strategies. However, these ads permit you to connect with lost customers differently. Rather than contact them via email, this tactic uses cookies to place your targeting ad on other websites and blogs. For example, a client who has entered your website, has added a flat screen TV to the shopping cart but hasn’t finished an order will be shown an ad of that same TV (and others) on other websites and blog. That lost customer might click on the targeted ad, which will take them back to your website in hopes of convincing them to head to checkout and complete their initial purchase. Among some of the most common remarketing programs that your business might benefit from, we should mention Buyer Cloud, Google’s Dynamic Retargeting, and AdRoll.

There are lots of useful strategies and shopping cart abandonment software programs meant to help businesses prevent customers from abandoning their shopping carts. The ones we’ve presented above are without a doubt the most effective. They will help you decrease your business’s problems with shopping carts and abandonment rate providing that they’re used wisely. In the end, it’s all about boosting sales. But to do that, you must put your client’s needs first.

Are you having issues preventing your customers from abandoning their shopping carts in the middle of an online shopping spree? Do you want to grab their attention but can’t seem to find the right strategy to do it? Let us give you a hand.

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