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Investigating the different learning options and resources available regarding the processes of setting up and running a startup can be overwhelming. From offline study centres to books and ebooks, and online courses, there is a lot available. And then when you start to look into the numerous topics to study, from set-up to staffing, and finances, it can become even more expansive.

As such, we aren’t going to try and provide an exhaustive list. Due to the sheer volume of topics to be studied, and the learning options available, it would be too difficult to provide a single comprehensive list. However, in the future, we may start a series breaking down each topic and the study options and resources available.

In the meantime, we’re going to provide a short list of online sites and resources. Each of these resources will cover a variety of topics, and thus, be the most useful for you when you are starting out or brushing up your knowledge.



What We Like



There is a lot on offer through OpenLearn. You can filter the courses, study, and articles via different skills or subjects.

The content ranges from articles to short courses, which in turn vary from introductory to advanced levels.

You can gain digital badges for completing certain courses and skills.

You can study and improve skills as well as certain subjects. Making it great to advance your experience and knowledge of working behaviour and practice, as well as your industry.

OpenLearn is provided by the Open University, making it a trustworthy and high-quality option.

We like how the courses and resources available are clearly broken down on the site, making it easy to find what you want to study.

The subjects are highly varied and range from money and business to the arts, meaning you are sure to find something suitable.

Some courses (Such as ‘Starting Your Small Business’ come as part of a collection of courses and resources, making it easy to find and develop your knowledge and skills in complementary areas of study.



Udemy itself is a like a cross between a catalogue and an online school. There are hundreds of courses available to study, divided up into various sectors and subjects.

The courses are all affordable, even before the frequent discounts are added on.

One of the fantastic courses available here is ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries. (Who wrote a book on the same subject, and became a New York Times bestseller.) It teaches a philosophy and toolset to increase your chances of success and maximise your output in the startup phase of your business.

If you choose a course to study on Udemy, the site will give you recommendations on what other users typically purchase together. (Like Amazon.)

That way, you can very easily find complementary courses. As well as to start advancing your learning through different stages and subjects of the same area.

Each course page gives a detailed description not only of the course topics and content but what is included in the course package.

For example, ‘The Lean Startup’ page tells us how many hours of video are included, the supplementary resources available, and devices you can view the course on. You also get a certificate of completion and lifetime access to the course. So you can show off your new knowledge and have the chance to revisit and revise whenever you need to.

Pricing varies with each course.
There are also frequent time-based discounts on offer.
Prices can range from free, to a cost of £199.99

This is one of the go-to sites for anyone beginning or running a startup.

From news articles,  guides, and a members forum, the site packs almost everything you could possibly need or want to research startups.

The red navigation bar at the top of the page clearly outlines the topics you might want to study. From there, a drop-down appears with smaller sub-topics you will want to investigate. And again from these pages, a plethora of even smaller sub-topics, key ideas, resources, and articles opens up.  

“The UK’s No.1 Starting a Business Resource” might not host courses themselves, but there is a lot to be learned throughout the site.

The further you delve into this vast wealth of content, the more you find. might not be the most elegant site on the net, but it is hugely comprehensive and boasts a wealth of content.

Regardless of what stage you are at in your business, you are sure to discover an array of useful articles to help you on your journey.



EdX is another platform hosting a variety of online courses in a variety of subjects.
There are courses in all fields and levels available. From short online courses provided by universities and schools, verified certificates, and even MicroMasters. The course breakdown offers the topics covered, time to complete, length of the course, and provider institution. Not only that, but it names the tutors, letting you research them and their expertise.
When investigating online courses, it can be difficult to judge the reputability of the tutor. However, with edX, there are dozens of affiliated schools and universities providing a proportion of the courses.

If you’re unsure, check the sidebar breakdown on the course page. Not only will it tell you the course length and estimated time to complete, but it states what institution that provides the course, and the tutors running it. Making it easy to trust what you learn, and knowing you really are learning from experts in the field.

Prices vary according to course and level.

For example, the ‘Becoming an Entrepreneur’ course is free but costs $69 for the addition of a verified certificate.

Startup Academy

This online academy provides everything you could possibly need to start and run a startup.
Startup Academy hosts online courses, support services, and mentoring schemes. Meaning you can learn in a variety of ways, and receive the support and coaching you need to create a successful startup.
In addition to all the study and learning options, you can apply for funding through loans and investment.
There might be a limited range of courses on offer, but the Startup Academy provides so much more than that.

The free resources on their blog can help you learn more about business. And their unique 1-day workshop, ‘Entrepreneurship 101’ is adapted to catapult you and your startup to success.

Perhaps the most valuable resources they have on offer, are the funding and support services. Although you have to contact them directly to learn more.

Courses range in price from free, up to £99.99


Brushing up your skills and knowledge will always set you on the path to success. We think one of the key components of a successful person, whatever their business, is the ability and desire to never stop learning.

If you’re reading this article, you’re trying to learn something new. And hopefully, we have provided a foundation to help you advance your learning and studies even further.

We would also love to help you learn more about what is available for you to use for your startup. You can browse all of our startup series so far here, and learn more about the wealth of resources and tools available to build your business and succeed with startups.

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