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Every savvy entrepreneur with an idea and a vision can build a thriving business. But it takes a collaborative approach to succeed. Success is attained when all forces are combined because people work a lot better together, as a team. The “lone wolf” business mantra still applied by newbie entrepreneurs is no longer a strategy, but an obstacle that prevents a company from overcoming the competition.

Today’s employees feel a lot more motivated and engaged when they feel part of a team. Your team is the backbone of your company. Treating people with respect is paramount, and if you want them to stay engaged, you have to embrace a more collective approach in the office. Embrace technology and use the best team collaboration tools for startups to help keep your team united. Here are some tools to help you be one step ahead of the competition.

FeaturesWhat we likePricing
Basecamp 3#11 Startup Series – Team Collaboration Tools for StartupsCloud-based collaboration software and project management tool that uses a visual interface to keep teams organized and engaged.

Project management solutions for setting up client project and internal team projects.

User-friendly dashboard that keeps discussions, files, documents, and messages in one place. Project management solutions for setting up client project and internal team projects.

Pings – direct messaging system for one-on-one discussions with team members Reports – great feature that helps companies keep an eye on what your team is doing.

Latest activity – stay updated with everything that’s happening in Basecamp.

Get live updates so that you never miss anything and kick off discussions answering questions and participating in existing conversations

Easy to use PM tool for sending messages, organizing events, hosting discussions, sharing files and assigning tasks.

Individual pages for each topic so that teams can keep conversations updated

Real-time chat with Campfire to help companies collaborate and share ideas

Schedule feature for setting deadlines and milestones

Automatic check-ins for scheduling questions & answers – kick off discussions and use your team’s answers to brainstorm original ideas

Free – 30 days $99/month for business
Asanaasana_250x250Excellent task and project management tool that helps teams collaborate and communicate seamlessly

Smart inbox feature that keeps teams updated with the latest developments Project templates & pre-made templates

Seamless communication – task & project conversations, team pages

Well-organized business management tool that allows users to appoint team assignees, followers and guests

Premium feature with admin controls, private projects, priority support, and custom fields

Apps & Integrations  – Dropbox, Chrome, Slack, Google Drive, Github, and more

User-friendly dashboard for managing tasks, projects, and conversations

Progress tracking of projects without sending emails

Bug tracking with Asana Premium – customized fields that help users track bugs, job applicants, and leads

Easy to create tasks

Excellent task organizer – all assigned tasks can be organized into shared lists

Customizable sections and columns to help users structure their projects

FREE version – up to 15 team members

Premium – $8.33/month (annually billed)

Enterprise – customized price package

Zohozoho logoZoho helps companies of all sizes and shapes redefine the way they work and manage projects on-demand

Easy automation of daily business activities and sales tracking Zoho automates daily sales tasks – lead imports from external sources, prospect conversion, sale customization

Customer account managing  – purchase history tracking, revenue forecasting, assigning & editing sales quotes

Real-time data analysis Business Card View feature – quick access to pertinent customer info

Notes Section – helps build a more personal connection with former customers through displaying past conversion

Mobile team collaboration tool that allows users to get updates in real time

Easy integration with cloud-based connectors CloudWork and OneSaas

Customizable dashboards that help users measure and forecast reports

Excellent Tracking Tool that permits users to keep an eye on customers and their sales, including sales cycle, contact history, deal size, and competitor profile

Lead targeting, including inactive leads

FREE trial – 15 days

Standard – $12/month per user

Professional – $20/month per user

Enterprise – $35/month per user

Ultimate – $100/month per user

Slackslack logoMessaging platform for teams to make communication seamless.

Conversations can be organized in open or private channels

Real-time messaging and archiving

Slack integrates with lots of external services Built-in internal & external sharing options

Advanced search filters & sorting to make sure the right files are sent to the right people

Fully native apps for both Android and iOS meant to give users complete functionality wherever they go

Easy drag, drop, and file sharing

Automatic indexation of all files, documents, and conversations

Customizable notifications

Instantly searchable and available to use from all smart devices

Flexible file browsing Integration with Dropbox and  Google Docs

Read-state synchronization Webhooks & an open API

FREE for teams

Standard – $6.67/month per user (billed annually)

Plus – $12.5/month per user (billed annually)

Trellotrello logooA top-tier project management platform that uses the board concept (with cards within the boards) to keep teams organized Trello adheres to an extremely efficient collaboration system that compels members to discuss, brainstorm ideas, and participate in discussions.

Easy to use and straightforward, Trello can be accessed from all browsers, web-based or mobile, as well as from tablets and smartphones.

Fully customizable lists & real-time collaboration Instant notification alerts to updates and changes made within a specified project

Basic or full integration with Google Hangouts, Slack, Dropbox, Github, Evernote, Google Drive, and more.

Basic service is free of chargeStrong mobile & desktop interface Easy drag & drop functionality

Checklists have progress meters Data filtering, card archiving & deadline reminders

Mobile functionality for accessing boards on the go

Developer API Personalized onboarding assistance for enterprises

Basic plan – FREE

Business – $9.99/month

Enterprise – by quote

yammer.com#11 Startup Series – Team Collaboration Tools for StartupsPrivate social network for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

Collaboration software that allows teams to stay connected, share information and organize progress from different smart devices

More than 500,000 organizations use Yammer to communicate and stay connected.

Brings employees, conversations, business data and conversations on a single platform.

Private and public group feature Easily upload videos, files, and photos

Stay connected – Yammer is available on Android, iOS and Windows devices

Discovery Feed feature – stay updated with everything that happens in your company, and get notifications on your team’s progress

Microsoft Office Integration

Basic plan – FREE

Enterprise – $3 month/user

In today’s business environment, collaboration is fundamental because it’s the only way to improve agility, accelerate innovation, cut costs, and increase adaptability all at once. However, it’s not at all easy to develop a collaborative culture for the conventional entrepreneur used to working independently. When was the last time you’ve taken a good look at the way your business works? A well-crafted, easy-to-use, customizable, and why not, affordable team collaboration tool can be just what you need to work more productively and make sure your team works just as hard.

The best team collaboration tools for startups are meant to strengthen and improve productivity; boost engagement and keep your employees united. IT Enterprise can help you make the best pick. Whether you want to revamp your brand, build the next big app or refresh your website, we can help. Get in touch and let’s have a chat!

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