Startup Series #24 – Beta Testing for Startups

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Beta testing is one of the most important steps in software development.  Considered the last stage of testing, It is a period before commercial release when external users are granted early access to use a product. This grants real-world exposure to the software and allows developers to receive feedback on the app from bug reports, to praise. In short, beta testing encourages the development of apps with a greater user experience, and fewer problems when it comes to commercial release.

But if you’ve developed an app and need testers, where and how can you find them? Aside from letting your family and friends have a go, you could release a limited free trial of your product to a small number of users. But what other options are there?

Here’s our breakdown of some of the places you can find beta testers for your app.



What We Like



With a host of tools including bug reporting tools beta management and team management, the UberTesters platform is incredibly useful.
But most importantly, they offer crowd testing for your app. Which includes:Usability testing.

Localisation testing.

Functional testing.
Each package boasts a host of features such as unlimited bug reporting and crash logging.

UberTesters offers a good-quality service for the testing of mobile applications. This is, however, their speciality. So if you’re looking to test a website, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
With both crowd testers and professional testers, there’s a good background of high-quality testers available.
It is worth noting that the pricing plans to the left don’t take into account the payment of these testers. Crowd testers will need to be paid an hourly rate you agree too. And the professional testers aren’t included.
That being said, the platform you pay for is useful. There’s a lot of integrated tools to log and track any issues or revisions to the app.
Free trial – 14 days free trial of the ‘pro’ package.
$29 per month – Indie package. (Reduced to $26 per month when billed annually.)
$59 per month – Startups package.

(Reduced to $53 per month when billed annually.)

$129 per month – Pro package.

(Reduced to $118 per month when billed annually.)
Contact for the Enterprise package pricing.


Testers feeds are personalised by interest. And you set the demographics you want to reach, and the incentives you offer. Meaning you can reach your target audience, and keep to your budget.
Informal but relatively reliable. It’s a good way of finding testers for your product, and for creating a bit of buzz about whatever you’re developing.
Betabound is pretty informal in how it works. It works like a forum, where developers post about their product, and interested testers approach to carry out their testing.
That being said, it’s fairly consistent in providing experienced and knowledgeable testers. And given how the site works, they are always enthusiastic about testing your product and interested in your product itself.
Individual fees and incentives to your testers may be incurred.

Beta Breakers

Beta Breakers offer a host of services including:

Website testing.
Mobile device

Functionality testing.
Compatibility testing.
Usability and accessibility testing.
Localisation testing.
Load and performance testing.

Beta Breakers is a world-leading quality assurance service, and offer comprehensive testing for a product.
They offer a quick turnaround from your initial call to their posted results. And offer varying prices according to the tests you value, and your budget.
They’re probably the most experienced, formal option on this list. If you’re looking for flexible testing with everyday users, you might be better approaching other options on the list.
Contact for pricing.


A site to submit new startups, or browse other startups you’re interested in.
There’s a catalogue of startups in a variety of industries. Not to mention an enthusiastic and good-quality user base.

Betalist allows unreleased and recently released startups to feature themselves and their product on the site.

It means you receive that all-important early feedback about your product. But also get some coverage on your startup, and reach thousands of like-minded and interested individuals. Making it great for some early exposure.


Paid option to skip the 2-month wait for your service to be featured on the site.


UserTesting provides a platform where you can collect and collate user responses in one platform.
The ways you can engage with users and receive feedback are more diverse than some other platforms. For instance, here you can share live and recorded video.
The features available let you test a wide variety of things. As well as mobile or desktop software, you can even get feedback about premises experiences.
Another platform based beta testing solution, UserTesting lets you connect with your target audience and find interested testers for your software.
The big benefit of UserTesting is that it allows you to share the experience of your testers yo gain new insights and a clearer understanding of their experience.
Not only can you share their experience with the collected, clear insights and details of their feedback on the platform, you can even see their journey. UserTesting allows you to receive videos of testers using your product, letting you see for yourself their experience and interactions with your product.
UserTesting is great for those looking to understand their audience interactions and experience. It’s also an ‘on-demand’ service, meaning you get responses fast.
Free -Free trial
Contact UserTesting for pricing for the following plans:

Individual plan.

Enterprise plan.


There are many benefits to beta testing, and it’s a vital part of any software development. Not only does it allow you to improve aspects of your app from performance and usability, it helps to expose your product to a wider audience. Granting you much needed early exposure. And from that exposure, you can gain idea validation, and understand if your app or startup really is providing something that people want.

From bashing bugs to improving user experience, you can’t afford to overlook beta testing. And with options ranging from professional paid service to sourcing knowledgeable, interested individuals, there’s sure to be a solution available to fit your needs and budget.

From sourcing freelance testers on sites like Upwork, to paying for a professional platform like UserTesting, there are several ways you can access the audiences you want to examine and assess your app. If your app isn’t at the testing stage, you can contact IT Enterprise to help create a working prototype to let you get testing quickly.

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