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Project Management can become a heavy task if you own a startup or any kind of business. When you’re working in a team, especially if you might not all be in the same base, it can become time-consuming and hard to monitor progress. Project management tools help you to keep track of deadlines and tasks with ease, as well as delegate tasks to team members, and keep an organised record of everything you’ve completed, collaborated on, or are working towards.

From startups to giant global corporations, more and more organisations are seeing the benefits of project management tools. To help you find a project management tool with the features and pricing that suits your needs, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite tools available, as well as some of the most popular.



What We Like



For the free version, you get unlimited boards, cards, members, checklists, and attachments. Making even the free version incredibly useful.

The attachments are limited by size according to the plan. So for the free plan, attachments are limited to 10MB or can be linked from Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. The Business class allows all of this, and the attachment size increases to 250MB.

You also can use ‘Power Ups’, limited to one per card on the free plan, and more on the paid plans. These give you access to a host of different tools to use. There are a LOT, from card ageing, to annotating, to connecting to other apps.

Trello is available as a web-based application, on iOS, and Android. There’s also a version of the app specifically designed for use on iPad pro.

We use Trello ourselves, and we love it.

The ability to collaborate and see changes real-time is a huge bonus for working in a team.

The app is simple to use, including tools like the drag and drop interface, colour coding, and ability to add checklists and votes onto cards in seconds. It’s easy to use, simple to navigate and remains very functional.

Trello is available on the web, on iOS, and Android. Meaning you can work on almost any device, anywhere.

We also like that you can control who can see cards. Meaning that even if you have a private task, you can keep it private and secure on the same board as all your usual tasks.

Free – Free, forever.

$9.99 per user/month – Business Class

$20.83 per user/month, or less. – Enterprise. Contact for pricing.


The free version boasts unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations. As well as a basic search function, and a basic dashboard.

If you upgrade to the premium plan, you unlock a lot more features. From unlimited members and dashboards to private teams and projects.

With over 100 integrations available, from Zapier to OneDrive, Google Drive, and Instabug. Their integrations even include other project management tools, like Trello, letting your team work on whatever platform they prefer.

Asana is available as a web-based application, on iOS, and on Android.

The stand-out feature of Asana is the ability to track tasks. You can view your own tasks, letting you organise your priorities.

There are some features that you might miss depending on how you work, such as time stamps for comments, making it difficult to keep track of a conversation.

The calendar view is a great feature. It makes it easy to view tasks in yours and your team’s schedule. Letting your view at a glance where there might be gaps or overlaps, and correct them.

Asana is built to be intuitive and simple, with the ability to view your work in a way that works for you. Letting you customise how you view your boards and tasks without affecting the view of other team members. There is also a rather sweet and quirky reward system built in for when you complete a task. But we’ll let you find that out!

Free – Free, basic version of the app.

$9.99 per month –

Contact Asana for pricing – Enterprise plan.


Wrike’s free plan includes features you would expect such as task management, file sharing, and a real-time activity stream. There are also other great features such as integrations with many cloud storage apps, 2GB of storage, and a spreadsheet view.

As you upgrade your plans, you gain more features and storage space. For example, the Professional plan includes 5GB of storage and 15GB of video uploads per month.

Wrike makes it very easy to track various aspects of your workload and tasks. With tools such as time tracking, visual timelines, and resource management. It makes it easy to view stages of work and productivity according to time, tasks, and team member.

Wrike is a great project management tool, often the top-rated amongst reviews. However, the 5 user minimum can be an obstacle if you run a small company or team.

The multiple tools for viewing and tracking both time and tasks makes it easy to view and organise your work, as well as the workload of your team.

The interactive timeline is a great feature of Wrike. Having a Gantt chart view makes it easy to see at a glance your progress.

Wrike is one of, if not the most powerful and feature-packed project management tools available. So we would recommend it for larger companies, or those with more complex needs. Otherwise, the free plan might have all the features you need!

Free – Free, forever, for up to 5 users.

Free – Free trial of any paid plan.

$9.80 per user/month – Professional plan for 5, 10, o 15, users.

$24.80 per user/month – Business plan for 5-200 users.

$34.60 per user/month – Marketers plan designed for marketing teams. For 5-Unlimited users.
Contact for pricing – Enterprise plan. For 5-Unlimited users.


Freedcamp is a free project management tool that features all the core tools you would expect and want. Including tasks lists, subtasks, in-app discussion, and Kanban boards.

Other features include a calendar view and milestones, letting you set and view tasks according to date.

There is also the ability to make certain tasks private. A feature most tools only include in paid plans.

There are paid plans available. With these, you unlock features like the Gantt chart, letting you view all of your tasks in one simple, visual diagram. Or if you want integration with cloud systems like Google Drive or OneDrive, you have to start paying.

Freedcamp offers a web app, as well as iOS and Android.

If you are looking for a low-cost tool for a small team, Freedcamp is a great option.

The free version offers unlimited users, projects, and storage, making it a very useful app given the non-existent price.

The free version limits you to 10MB upload sizes on files and isn’t integrated with other apps like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. Therefore, if you know you are going to be working with hefty files or larger projects, you should consider the priced plans.

When you do move to the priced plans, a lot of new features open up for you. Including CRM tools, letting you store and work with your contacts and leads easily from the app. You also gain access to issue tracking, reports, and faster support response.

Free – Core features are free, forever.

$3.99 per month – Lite plan. Available to the owner, with an additional $0.99 per month for each additional user.

$6.99 per user/month – Business plan.

$19.99 per  user/month – Enterprise plan.


The most basic package offers a lot of features you want, from boards, projects, missions, and to-dos. The timeline view makes it easy to see your tasks according to time and team-member, letting you delegate and manage workloads with ease.
Features such as private boards only come in from the ‘Pro’ plan, as well as features like unlimited storage and unlimited guests. offers a host of app integrations, from Zapier to Dropbox and Google Drive.  Letting you work from one place, and keep connected. has a web-based app, as well as iOS and Android apps. Letting you work anywhere, anytime. was amongst the most popular and liked project management tools in its previous incarnation, ‘dapulse’.
Dapulse was originally targeted at startups and tech companies. However they grew popular across a lot of industries and organisation sizes, hence name change. The product has stayed the same!

But because they started as a service for startups, they are well aware of the specific challenges that they face.
Certain features that like external integrations only appear in the ‘Standard’ plan and above, and if you want private boards or unlimited storage, you need to be using the ‘Pro’ plan. So it’s worth researching the features you need or using the free trial, to make sure you have the tools you need.
There is a LOT of pricing options for They vary according to the user number, and features.

We’re going to list the plans according to 5 users.

Free – Free trial account.

$22 per month – Basic plan.
$34 per month – Standard plan.

$51 per month – Pro plan.

$101 per month – Enterprise plan.


Project management tools are a great addition to any workplace and its practices. Having a tool to help you manage and delegate tasks and track deadlines makes it exponentially easier to work more efficiently. Investing in a good project management tool will save a lot of time and effort for you and your team. And in the case of many of these apps, the free version will feature all the tools and functionality you will need. Making it a seriously good return on investment.

It is worth using the free trials or free versions of plans to explore the app that works best for you and hosts the features you need. Like the list above, you’ll find some free plans might have features that other apps only offer when paid for so it is well worth exploring your options.

Regardless of which project management tool you decide to use, you will certainly save a lot of time and effort, and make you and your team work more efficiently.

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