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Lead generation is vital for the health and growth of any business, and lead generation tools help make the process simpler, effective and streamlined. Lead generation is the process of identifying potential customers and interesting a user in your product or service.

There is now software out there to help streamline the process of lead generation. With the aim to help you identify your users and potential customers, in order to better interest them and market to them. It also lets you understand your conversions, letting you analyse them and be able to improve in future in order to develop more.

There are loads of lead generation tools out there. And depending on where you look, you could be offered entirely different products with slightly different meanings. We’re listing a mixed bag, to help you understand what is on offer and empower you to decide what is best for you and your business.



What We Like



Add contact forms easily without coding. Or collect from forms created within another app. Letting you capture leads easily.

You can also send a kickback email, instantly contacting any new contact made.

Built-in analytics let you see and analyse how you pages, offers, traffic sources and more are working. Understand how effective pages are, identify trends in user patterns, or how often users visit prior to sales.

Hubspot integrates with many other apps, such as MailChimp and WordPress with no extra development. Letting you make all your apps run together smoothly and efficiently.
Hubspot provides a lot of tools for a service that is completely free.

Hubspot acts as a marketing tool, working to help you capture leads and understand their behaviour and way of thinking.

The analytics tools help to better understand who is using your site, and how they use it. Not to mention, how effective your site and traffic generation is. With all of this, you can identify trends, successes and weaknesses for you to work on to improve your lead generation and conversion rates.

Hubspot also lets you manage features like your inbound marketing, email campaigns, content, social media marketing and more. It can help improve your marketing as well as your lead generation.

Free – The features we’ve discussed are all part of the free plan.

£42 a month – ‘Starter’ plan.

£330 a month – ‘Professional’ plan.


The CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) tools let you collect data about leads, manage contacts and data, and segment contacts.

CRM tools let you know important key details about your users and customers. Including things like their last contact with you, meaning you can personalise messages and hone in on the individual experience.

The marketing and sales automation to help streamline the processes and make it easier and less time-consuming for you and your business.

Online sales and payment tools so you can sell your products easily.

There are also analytics tools, so you can see reports on everything from marketing to admin.
InfusionSoft is a sales and marketing software meant to integrate all your apps and simplify sales cycles. It also offers marketing automation and analytics.

This lead generation tool hosts a great set of features to help you centralise your customer data and apps, and streamline the whole process of lead generation.

The number of reports offered in the analytics means you can view data on almost every aspect of your site and its uses. Letting you get a great idea of how things are running, and where you can improve.

InfusionSoft also has a mobile app, making it available to use on the go. So you can work on your lead generation, marketing and more from almost anywhere.

Starting at $99 a month.

D&B Hoovers

Access to thousands of contacts.

Customisable lists let you find your target audience from within their catalogue of over 120 million businesses in over 1000 industries.

The analytics tools let you pinpoint high-value targets. With over 175 segment filters, you can get astonishingly accurate.

You can create ‘Contact Decision Matrixes’, to help you determine who is best to contact, and when. So you can target the right people for your product and service, and grow your leads.
D&B Hoovers offer a few features, but most importantly, they provide B2B sales tools.

Perhaps the most useful and identifiable feature is their industry directory. A database of over 85 million companies, and 100 million professionals.

This database, and the tools they offer to help you identify your target audience and their contact details. Which mean you can generate sales leads by discovering the ideal customer.

D&B Hoovers offers other products and features that could benefit your business. One of which is their mobile app, that lets you work on your marketing and sales on the go.
Free – Trial version
Pay per List – A pay-as-you-go option that lets you pay per contact.

Contact for other pricing.


Lead Scoring prioritises your leads according to those most likely buy. Letting you know who to focus on.

The LinkedIn connection feature automatically searches through LinkedIn to see any members of a new visiting company that you are connected to. Making introductions, contacts and networking easy.

There are personalised email alerts to notify you when a specific company visits your site. Letting you respond in time.

Integration with MailChimp means you can monitor what your recipients do after receiving your emails.
LeadFeeder uses Google Analytics to show companies that visited your website.

The fact you can add as many users as you want, for free, is one of our favourite features of LeadFeeder. It might seem simple, but being able to have all of your company on board and able to see and use the app is a big bonus.

LeadFeeder also connects with a lot of other apps, including other lead generation tools such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. So you can keep all your data and discoveries in one place, and use the app to work alongside others.
Free – Trial

You can choose to pay annually or monthly, with annual payments saving you 10%. Here are the prices annually for packages.

$53 a month – 200 companies

$89 a month – 400 companies

$152 a month – 1000 companies

$269 a month –
3000 companies

Or contact for prices of an enterprise plan.


Over 250 native integrations means that there is an app to help you, no matter where you collect your leads.

Bridge your CRM tools with apps that otherwise may not be compatible. For example, the Leads Ad Sync lets you run facebook lead ads automatically by connecting them to an autoresponder, and collect your leads which otherwise would only be in a CSV file.

Meanwhile, other tools like Landing Leads let you integrate your landing page builder with CRM or email software.

Offering a suite of lead generation tools to help you build your leads, and connect your lead generation sources and over 250 platforms.

This lead generation tool is all about the capture and nurture of leads There are a lot of features all centred around a specific aspect of lead generation and building.

LeadsBridge aims to solve your tech problems, by integrating all your apps to work together, and to use the tools you want to without compromise.

LeadsBridge also has a lot of free resources for you to use to learn about lead generation. They’re well worth a read!
Free – 7 Day Free Trial
You can also switch to monthly pricing.

All packages feature unlimited leads and over 200 integrations.

$260 a year – ‘Marketer’, up to 3 ad accounts.

$440 a year – ‘Hero’, up to 10 ad accounts.

$890 a year – ‘Guru’, up to 25 ad accounts.


There are dozens of lead generation tools out there, and they certainly do not all do the same thing. Some specialise in lead generation and sales automation, others in lead generation and visitor tracking.

To find an app that suits you, you will have to identify what it is you want to focus on, and what features will be important to you and your campaigns. But whatever tool you decide upon, you’re sure to see growth.

But if you have no site or app to be monitored, you should still keep lead generation in mind. And in the meantime, talk about building your perfect, bespoke software with IT Enterprise. We offer services from web, app, software development, and more to help your startup. We aim to be your one-stop IT hub.

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