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By now, you’ve probably already seen if not used presentation tools in your daily life. More than likely, the software you have encountered was either Windows PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote.

Gone are the days of overhead projectors and transparencies. And with presentations moving into the digital age, a plethora of presentation tools have popped up. But beyond the two standard office products listed above by the behemoths that are Windows and Apple, what else is out there?

Presentation software doesn’t need to be standard. And it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the other great presentation tools easily available.



What We Like



Prezi is a web app built to create collaborative, creative presentations.
Being web-based, it features seamless real-time collaboration and sharing.
There’s also a mobile presentation app, and a mobile app to let you edit on the move.
The free version is more limited, and you will have to save your presentation on a public cloud.
The freeform interface means you can make everything look just how you want it to, and easily visualise your ideas.
Prezi has long been hailed as the revolution to presentation tools and delivery. Rather than a linear series of slides, it shows a field of ideas. (Think of an animated mindmap.) This makes it great to use as a collaborative tool.
This makes it a lot easier to show and explain the connections between ideas. It’s also very visually driven. This, in turn, makes embedding other media, like video, seem more appropriate.
Free – 14 day free trial.
Free – Basic version of the app.
£7 a month – Personal use.
£19 a month – Everything in ‘Basic’ version, plus features like presenter view, offline access.
£59 a month – Premium. Everything in the ‘Plus’, with added features like analytics and online training.

Google Slides

Google Slides is Google’s answer to presentations tools like PowerPoint and Keynote. It’s free, and it’s online. So there’s no need for downloads and installations. It also means it integrates perfectly with the other Google products.
It has a corresponding mobile app, meaning you can create, edit, and view presentations anywhere on any device.
Google Slides allows for real-time collaboration. And being online makes for easy sharing.
Features are limited. This really is a tool just to make a presentation.
But features that are there are comprehensive. Like the ‘shape’ tool, where you can create and customise nearly any shape. Letting you do some simple graphic design.
The features of Google Slides are relatively limited, but they’re all sleek and powerful.
If you’re looking for a simple but effective tool to create a slide presentation, this is the best around.
Slides is simple, sleek, and effective.
Free – Free, forever. You just need a google account.


SlideDog lets you collect and show a multitude of media in one place. Making it easy to create a seamless multimedia presentation.
The mobile app works like a remote to control your presentation from your phone, tablet, or another computer.
You can also generate links to live-share presentations. This lets anyone, anywhere, watch the presentation on their own device.
SlideDog allows for live interaction like chat and polls. Letting you add an element of interactivity to your presentations.
SlideDog is meant to make existing presentations more exciting and watchable.
It supports a lot of other presentation media, like PowerPoint and Prezi. You can also upload and use almost anything from PDFs to pictures and video in almost every possible format. There’s even a built-in youtube app, so even incorporating web content is easy.
SlideDog isn’t meant to be used to create a presentation, but to make an existing one more presentable.
Free – There is a Free version, but it’s limited to single-screen presentations, with some branding. BUT You can use the pro version for 15 minutes a day. (Perfect for if you can keep your presentation short!)
$8.33 a month – Pro version, with full features.


Powtoon lets you create an animated video, rather than a standard linear slide deck.
Access loads of royalty-free assets in the app, from graphics to music, making it easy to create a vibrant, engaging presentation.
It includes tools to let you include custom images and voice-overs.
There are plenty of templates to choose from to create your video with. However you are limited to these templates, so if you’re making loads of them, it might become repetitive.
We love the lighthearted appeal of Powtoon, and how easy it is to use.
PowToon creates charming, lively animations rather than drab linear slides.
However, if you don’t want to create an animation, you can use the ‘slides’ section to make a more standard presentation. So there’s something for everyone here.
Free – Free version has limited features, storage and assets. EG a maximum length of 5 minutes per presentation and only 100MB of storage.
$19 a month – Pro. More features and assets. EG, 15 minutes of presentation, in HD,  and 2GB of storage.
£59 a month – Premium. Even more features and assets. EG, branding removed, 10GB of storage, up to 60 minutes of HD presentation, and unlimited royalty-free music.An Agency package starts soon.


Presentations are a key part of any business. From project pitches, to simply presenting and sharing ideas to a team. Having presentation tools that meet your needs allows you to collect ideas and files together into one coherent presentation. Therefore enabling you to show your audience, whoever they are, your thoughts and ideas, highlight key points and share facts, ideas, and media.

We’ve tried to highlight a spectrum of presentation tools for you to use in your business. From standard tools to use in place of standard office suite products, to innovative visually-driven tools. There’s sure to be a presentation tool to match your needs and let you show things exactly how you see them.

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