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To make the most of your social media stratagies, you need good social media tools.

Using a social media tool saves you a lot of time and effort in the long-run.  This is because these tools let you monitor and interact with all of your social media accounts from a single place.

Certainly having a good social media plan is a great start, without a good management tool, you will lack consistency and efficiency.

There are loads of social media tools available to choose from. We’ve picked some of our favourites for you to try.


What We Like



It’s compatible with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.


Can schedule up to 2000 posts per account.


Social analytics are included so you can monitor your campaign’s reach and engagement.


The post queue connects to the Buffer app available on mobile, so you can edit and publish posts wherever you are.

Buffer is a very clean tool, and very easy to use. Since it’s designed to be streamlined, so it packs the features you really need and has a great open interface.


Having analytics built-in is a great plus to Buffer. Letting you see how your posts are performing in one place, alongside your queue and publishing.


Buffer is one of the easiest to use social media tools, and one of the most inexpensive available.


Free – 14-day free trial


For small teams and agencies, the prices range from:

$99 per month – Up to 25 profiles.


$199 per month- Up to 50 profiles.


$399 per month – Up to 150 profiles.


Integrates with all major social networks, and has an app directory that can be used to integrate with.


Bulk schedule posts to all accounts across your social platforms. With unlimited scheduling.


There are built in analytics tools. And daily reports and enhanced reports are included, with the option to have more for a fee.


You can use the mobile app to schedule and edit posts.


Create streams of monitored keywords to keep track of what people are saying about you.


Team assignments and team management tools.

HootSuite has been around since 2008 and is the biggest social media tool out there.


It integrates with a huge number of platforms and has a lot of built-in features. It’s designed to be a one-stop shop for all of your social media. With tools included to help you publish posts, as well as to analyse their engagement.


HootSuite uses a column interface which you can filter. It isn’t as intuitive and open as other apps, but it has the most integration capabilities and features.

Free – Individual plan of up to 3 accounts.


£80 per month – Team plan of up to 20 profiles.


£400 per month – Up to 50 profiles.


Contact Hootesuite directly for their Enterprise pricing.


acebook, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn.


A unified inbox for all of your messages across your different platforms.


The ability to track locations, hashtags, and keywords.


There are a lot of tools to increase effectiveness on Twitter, such as trend analysis, and hashtag analysis.


Mobile app to view your queue and insights on the go.


Customer Relationship Management features included.

Sprout is a great all-rounder in terms of social media tools. It might not integrate with as many apps as Hootesuite, but it also doesn’t impose limits on their reports. The reports themselves are also visually stunning.


We really love the unified inbox. Having all messages and mentions collected into one place makes it easy to see what you need to reply to, and what’s being said about you. And you can filter it according to your networks, so it’s easy to keep tabs on each of your platforms.


There are also team management tools included, letting you assign tasks, and view audit trails and customer records. It’s also updated live, so you can see your team member’s changes as they happen and prevent repeating replies and posts.

Free – 30-day free trial.


$99 per user/month – Up to 10 profiles.


$149 per user/month – Up to 15 profiles.


$249 per user/month – Up to 20 profiles.


MavSocial integrates with major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube in addition to a few others.


Offers a campaign to let you easily schedule your posts.


You can automatically re-post your highest performing content. Letting you repeat and repurpose content.


Track and monitor mentions and messages on each platform.


It includes a digital library for you to store, manage, and edit your media for your posts. In addition to the library, you can search and license stock photos through the app.



MavSocial is definitely built with visuals in mind, both in terms of the app itself and how it works.


The media library is a great feature we haven’t found in many other social media tools. And the fact you can search stock images within the app makes it easy to find the perfect visual to embellish your content.


Like the other tools on this list, MavSocial features reporting to let you know how your campaigns are doing. There are also scheduling tools to let you queue posts.


Scheduling on Mavsocial is a visual affair too, with the campaign calendar you can use to schedule your posts, and view your queue. It makes it super easy to see what your social media output is at a glance.

Free – Trial version or ‘small business’ version of two profiles.


$19 per month – Up to 10 profiles.


$59 per month  for first user – Up to 50 profiles. An extra $24 per month for each additional user.


$199 per month – Up to 3 users and 50 profiles.


Creates daily tasks to help you towards your goals.


Suggests content for your profiles and suited to your audience, helping you find content easily.


Schedules posts according to the best time to post on each network. It also lets you set up automations to help run your profile and keep posting.


Analytics features are coming soon.



Crowdfire is less like a social media management tool, and more like having a marketing assistant.


What makes Crowdfire unique and valuable, is its ability to create and suggest posts according to your audience and content. For example, if you run a profile about knitting and haven’t posted in a while, the app will notify you to consider posting, and create a post for you.


If you’re looking for a social media tool to help you keep on track of your posts and build your audience, this is a great free and powerful tool.




Social media is an amazing platform to promote your company and grow your audience. And in many cases, the audience is already there and waiting for you. To really get ahead of the game, you need a good marketing plan that includes a social media presence. But unless you want to spend time swapping through all of your your social media accounts to check your messages and content, you will need a good management tool to help you.


Having a great social media management tool makes posting to social media and managing your online presence a breeze. Furthermore, you can gain insights into your campaign’s reach and engagement and additionally improve each time you post thanks to the analytics tools included in many social media tools.

Investing in a social media management tool for your startup will boost your productivity and efficiency. It unifies your profiles, giving you consistency to your content, and grants access to your accounts and insights in one place. Making it simpler and easier to provide top quality content and build your brand.



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