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Using analytics tools and making them a part of your business practise will always bring benefits to a company, especially a startup. Whatever stage your startup has reached, analytics tools can help in a variety of ways from tracking visitors and measuring their engagement, and helping to understand the customer journey and experience. If your startup is still in the process of development, using analytics tools allow you to understand your users and their experience so you can test your website or application, before publishing it, or developing new content. Or if your startup is already established, analytics tools will allow you to understand your users and engagement so you can work on broadening your base and furthering your company’s reach.



What We Like


Google Analytics

It offers features you want like eCommerce tracking, funnel analysis, and the ability to tag goals to track conversions.


As well as measuring the search traffic, you can measure the ROI of marketing campaigns.


The sitesearch feature lets you see exactly what keywords users are entering into your site search, letting you see precisely what they are looking for, and what they think is missing or hard to find on the site.


Can export data using PDF, Excel, and email.


It can be used to track several sites, and social network activity.


The fact that google analytics is free is a big bonus to a lot of small users and new companies. But if you really want to make the most of the tool, it’s worth considering 360 for the features and support it offers.


Being able to measure the ROI of your campaigns is invaluable, as it lets you see what is working, and what is worth spending your time and money investing on.


You can also exclude internal traffic from your analytics data, meaning you won’t skew your results by having your interactions and checks on your own site bumping up your observed traffic.

Free – Google Analytics (Provided you don’t surpass 5mil events per month.)


$150,000 annually – Google Analytics 360



The starter tier offers ‘everything analytics’, so features you expect to see like funnel analysis and measuring your search traffic and behavioural analytics.


This free tool also has useful features like uninstall tracking to give a real-time view of app uninstallations, trends, and evaluate the traffic source, and lets you use 10 campaigns per channel.


The priced tiers are packed with more powerful features, like A/B testing, and lets you do more with existing features. EG the Unlimited tier is by name and nature unlimited, letting you have unlimited custom and clever campaigns.


Meanwhile, the Enterprise tier includes features like a dedicated Success Manager, and industry benchmarks letting you make the most of your site.

We like CleverTap as it combines analytics and engagement. So not only can you monitor who you are visiting, but you can reach out to your users with personalised messages, push, email, and in-app notifications, so you can influence and engage with them.


Their pricing is also geared towards being startup-friendly and offers a lot of features for their pricing.


CleverTap also has some industry-first features, including live-user segments which allows you to uncover key insights and influence your users.

The app is designed to be more than just an analytics tool, but an engagement tool as well, which makes it great for customer acquisition and retention strategies.


CleverTap is also really easy to integrate into your current work practices, thanks to having an open API framework. Such an open network lets you gather data and insights from all your workflows, from POS, CRM, CMS, App, and Web sites.

Free – Starter tier, Up to 10mil monthly events.

$350 per month – Pro


$700 per month – Unlimited for analytics and engagement.


They also offer an Enterprise tier with ‘predictable pricing’, which you can contact CleverTap to inquire.



There are a lot of visual features offered by CrazyEgg. From heatmaps and confetti to show user interactions, to recordings and snapshots, and scroll maps letting you understand how they are using your site, and what might not be working, or is missing, as well as live A/B testing.


There’s also a list report, showing you what people are clicking on, and what it is. CrazyEgg is great to find your site strengths and weaknesses. EG. Users clicking things that aren’t actually a link.


The most basic version of the tool still offers you daily reports on your site activity and interaction, across 10 active pages. Meanwhile, the Plus and Pro tiers have more features and support, like mobile heatmaps, advanced filtering, and email support.

CrazyEgg is designed to let you observe and understand your users, not just analyse traffic.


If you’re looking for a tool geared towards understanding the user experience and thoughts, CrazyEgg is your top choice. It offers visuals like heatmaps and confetti to show what users are thinking and interacting with on your site. There are also recordings, so you can actually see what their process is as they visit your site.


CrazyEgg offers visual representations of all the important interactions on your site, letting you get a better understanding of your visitors, not just their number.


Free – 30-day free trial.


Basic – $9 per month.

For up to 10 active pages, and 10,000 monthly visits.


Standard – $19 per month.

For up to 20 pages, and 25,000 monthly visits.


$49 per month – Pro,

For up to 100,000 visits per month, 50 pages, and added reports, features, and support.


$99 per month – Plus.

For up to 250,000 visits per month, 100 active pages, and added reports, features, and support.


One of the best features of Kissmetrics isn’t even the analytics tools available. It’s the help you get alongside them. Regardless of the package, they all feature a dedicated Customer Success Manager, ongoing success webinars, and partner services. So you can make the most of the tools available, and the insights from them. And have help to improve your site and business.


There are also onboarding services available, with two packages to choose from. The free ‘standard’, or ‘premium’ for $1500.


The more expensive plans offer added features in analytics in the form of A/B testing and added support as you are also given phone support.

One of the great things about Kissmetrics is that they offer unlimited profiles and emails even on the most basic package, as well as email and in-app support. So you’re not limited to a small team viewing and using the data, and you’re not stranded without help.


The support and help available from Kissmetrics are impressive, and what stands it out from others on this list. The availability of onboarding packages for example. Even in the free standard package, you receive free web training for 5 other team members, and monthly check-ins for the first three months, a customer success rep for 60 days, and strategic account guidance. This guidance covers things like initial analytics report set-up, to sample campaign creations, to really help you get the most from the services and help your business.

$500 per month – Growth. Up to 5 populations.


$850 per month – Power. This tier offers 20 populations, as well as a few added reports and support available.


Enterprise rates are also available, with pricing and details available from Kissmetrics.


Piwik is always expanding on its list of features, making it competitive even for free analytics tool.


There are specific eCommerce analysis tools available to use to help you understand and improve your business.


There’s also a site search feature, like the one in Google analytics, so you can see if anything is missing from your site.


Additionally, there are other tools to understand your user’s experience, like the pages transition feature so you can see what visitors have done before and after visiting a specific page.


There are plenty of tools to help you understand your users’ habits, not just their number. Fo instance, there’s geolocation, and the ability to track time spent on your site. There’s also visitor profiles to give an insight into a visitor’s individual behaviour.


There are also features to filter your information and how you view it. From event tracking, and content tracking, to customisable dashboards so you can create a widget to suit you and how you work.


One of the main features of Piwik that sets it apart from other open-source analytics tools, is the fact you can get real-time updates from your sites.


As well as real-time updates on all your sites, Piwik offers both customisable dashboards to allow you to create a widget to suit your needs. You can also annotate your graphs to help you remember specific events or information. They also have a website dashboards so you can view all your sites at once.


As well as features to help you customise Piwik to how you want to work, there are tools to let you customise how Piwik works. Such as customisable dimensions and variables, which let you find and visualise specific information and insights.


Free – The self-hosted version of Piwik is free. Just install it on your own server.


Free – 30 days free trial of a cloud-hosted version of Piwik.


The cloud-based version of Piwik removes the need to run it on your own server and worry about maintenance. Ou also gets support from the Piwik team. Each tier of pricing can adjust to accommodate visitor numbers, rather than strictly capped for each tier.


$25 per month – Startup, for up to 30 sites.


$41 per month – Business, for up to 100 websites.


There are also ‘Enterprise’ rates, which you need to contact Piwik to inquire after and offer ‘unlimited’ features.



Analytics tools are invaluable to startups. Both to keep tabs on your site’s traffic, but also to understand how visitors are experiencing your site. You can greatly improve your business by using analytics tools.  Make use of one of the above apps to learn about your visitors and gather important statistics and insights. This lets you understand what your site’s successes and weaknesses are, and improve them.

Add in the engagement analysis many of these tools offer, and you can understand the user’s interactions and experiences with your site. With all this information to hand, you can better your site, your visitor experience and engagement, and your reach. Thus, bettering both your site and your business.


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