Start Up Series #4: Domain Name Tools for Startups

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Starting a new website is like having a newborn child. Your chances of success on the Web starts with your domain name and coming up with something that will bring a lifelong impact on your business is still a hit-or-miss game. Domain names are not just for credibility and ownership, but it is also a means of marketing your brand, from your Linkedin company page to your business card and more.

What’s in a Domain Name?

Take a look at big brands and how they strategically came up with a domain name that is not only credible but something that connects with potential customers or target audience. There are two ways you can find the best domain name for your new site: Check out if the name you want is still available, or filter a list of used names for sale in a domain marketplace.

Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

It’s one of the biggest challenges you will face as you will be torn between coming up with a keyword-rich name vs. something that’s unique. It requires a lot of thought and consideration. Remember that picking one is like calling your business these days; they’re almost one and the same. For this reason, we have pulled up these five domain name tools to help you come up with a name that sticks:

Name Mesh

Your awesome domain name awaits at Name Mesh which prides itself of their over 6M words database, 20+ name generators and more..

As the tool name implies, this is a place where you can mix and match names to come up with a list of possible domain name options that you can buy for your startup. If you’ve hit the proverbial writer’s block or is running out of ideas, Name Mesh helps you come up with a brandable domain name.

About: Name Mesh helps you in finding a perfect name for your startup or business using an intelligent ranking and classification program. You may also check out their company name generator for multiple keywords ideas.


The tool offers domain name generators classified into:

  • Common – checks availability of the most common tlds (.com, .net., .org); also checks the hyphenated version of your preferred domain name.
  • New – checks availability of new domain names that are availble.
  • Short – checks short domain names by overlapping keywords with the tlds, like
  • Extra – checks other popular domain name and extensions.
  • Similar – offers alternative domain names based on synonyms, antonyms, collocations, n-grams.
  • SEO – offers domain name suggestions by adding prefixes or suffixes to your chosen keywords or using similar words using the keyword you choose.
  • Fun – coming up with unique and often brandable domain names based on merged portmanteau, misspellings, phonetic variations, short URL, overlapping words, acronyms.
  •  Mix – mixing your chosen words with popular prefixes or suffixes like ly, ify, etc
  • What We Love:

    • The tool has a dedicated Startup name generator where you can use 2 or more keywords to come up with your preferred domain name
    • You can save your choices and come back to it later
    • You can instantly check domain name availability in popular hosting sites
    • You can enter multiple keywords, where you choose the starting and ending words
    • Easy to usePricing: FREE

Lean Domain Search

Cut out the clutter and find a great available domain name for your website in seconds

Sometimes, all you need is one word to start your hunt for your website’s domain name. Lean Domain Search offers just that, letting you narrow down your search, minus the hassle and expense of having someone come up with choices for you.

About: Lean Domain Search is a domain name generator that helps you find great available domain names for your websites. All you have to do is enter one word to see hundreds to thousands of available domain names


  • Filter by popularity, length or alphabetically
  • Easy-to-understand legends if domain name is available or not
  • Show results that starts/ends with search termWhat We Love:
  • Saves your favorite domain names
  • Instant domain availability check to see if the name you came up with isavailable
  • Checks if domain name is available on Twitter
  • Saves your search historyPricing: FREE

Bust a Name

Bust a Name helps you find more ways in coming up with domain names and managing them as well.

There are more than one ways to find better domain names and this tool offers numerous filtering functions to help you search for the name that meets your needs. But that doesn’t stop there, you can also manage your domains in one place.

About: Bust a Name helps you find quality domain name with their domain search and domain maker tools, offering you plenty of options to mix and match. They have combined linguistic data with a unique interface which lets you quickly search through thousands of domains and see which is available.


  •  Word Combiner – just type in a few words to find available domains
  • Add Group – for grouping words you don’t want to combine under the same group
  • Sort Domains by quality/readability, alphabetical order, syllables, length
  • Option to come up with 2-3 word combination
  • Option to filter by top-level domain name extensions (.com,.net,.org,.info,.biz)
  • Option to add prefix or suffix
  • Option to choose hyphenated names, pluralised nouns or last vowel droppedWhat We Love:
  • Instantly know which domain names are for sale on the marketplace
  • Instantly know how much your preferred name is offered for on various hosting sites
  • Multiple language support
  • Quick domain check – to know about your idea’s availability
  • Brandable domain name maker to come up with domains that look very natural
  • Video tutorial
  • Hosting Search to compare hosting sites, plans and pricingPricing: FREE

Name Station

Tired of the usual domain name hunt? Name Station makes finding available domains easier and faster

Automating the task of choosing your domain name is a frustration for many. Name Station seeks to address that with their intelligent name generators and contests. You can create relevant names and be guided on your search. You can even hold a crowd- sourced naming contest and engage their community for suggestions.

About: Name Station prides itself as the World’s No.1 domain name generator, with over 200,000 registered users and more than 200 million domain name ideas generated. The tool offers a simple user interface that lets you find a huge list of relevant suggestions with a few mouse clicks.


  • 17 Domain name generators
  • Domain search tools
  • Business and website name ideas
  • Keyword suggestions & research tools
  • Team accounts for agencies and professionals
  • Community-powered domain name catalogue
  • Trending names and neologisms
  • Strategic brand name developmentWhat We Love:
  • Fast bulk domain check
  • Random name generator that can be pronounced in different languages
  • 200 niche word lists can be combined and merged
  • Name Contests (crowdsourcing)
  • Talent points that awards you for suggesting names & reputation scoring systemPricing: PRO $24 for 60 days/ PRO Contest $35/ Name Development $245 FREE sign up with limited features

Domains Bot

If you’re looking for a simple domain name suggestion and search tool, Domains Bot is the place to get started.

With Domains Bot, you can start your search with a keyword and find ideas based on that. You can also check out combined or similar keywords or otherwise, check its availability. You can buy through links to various domain registrars too. Filter suggestions by extension, language, similar domains.. or add your own prefixes, suffixes or synonyms.

About: Domains Bot started as a company with curiosity and enthusiasm as their only investment that moves them into growing a system that improves with each person’s use. They are dedicated to treating their customers as their collaborators, even partners.


  • Domain name suggestions that includes top level domains (.com,.net,.bix,.org,.info,.me,.co.,.us)
  • Instant synonym suggestions
  • Add prefix/suffix functionsWhat We Love:
  • Mixed domain name availability and marketplace search to see if a name is available or for sale
  • Multiple language filters
  • Simple user interfacePricing: FREE

The Truth About Domain Names

Reality is that your domain name plays a big role in your company’s branding and choosing one can either make or break your business. Gone were the days when priority is given on domain names in terms of search ranking. No matter how short your chosen name is, the key to its success is picking a name that suits your brand story, something that’s easily remembered in terms of spelling and pronunciation.

Choosing a domain name that will build credibility, uniqueness, and increased brand value is a work of continuous improvement, one that requires analysis, testing and feedback.

Let Us Help You in Finding the Right Name for Your Website?

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