The Benefits of Software Prototypes and Why They’re Brilliant for Your Business

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The benefits of software prototypes are many and multi-faceted, just like the advantages of any other kind of prototyping. But some of the big benefits are explained below and prove why prototyping can be a huge asset to your project.

Reduced_time_and_cost-min-minReduced time and cost

Although building a prototype takes time and money itself, it will save you both in the long run. This is because it is far easier to discover an issue during development and testing and fix it then. Whereas if you develop a product without this series of tests, you are more likely to find faults and issues. Not only are there more likely to be problems, but it is far more costly to implement a fix to a live product.

Additionally, if your product is faulty – and even crashes – you run the risk of losing a significant proportion of your users. Bad user experience and a buggy product would emotionally charge any user. And in that instant, they’re likely to leave a scathing review and delete your product.

The_product_will_better_meet-min-minThe product will better meet your needs and expectations

Producing a prototype helps to remove ambiguities in the developer’s interpretation of the client’s needs. Building a prototype visualises the client’s and user’s ideas for what the product should look and feel, and what functionality needs to be present.

Otherwise, you might invest money and time in the development of a new software solution, only to receive the final product and realise it doesn’t address a fundamental need or include a feature you hadn’t thought about until users begin using the software and can’t find something.

Visualise your concept to sell to stakeholders

As mentioned above, a huge benefit of prototyping is the ability to visualise your concept into a tangible product. This not only helps create a better quality product but gives you the opportunity to present your product to stakeholders and the public more successfully. This is because, the prototype also allows your stakeholders to visualise your idea, and to try it for themselves. This makes them more likely to be on-side with the project, as they can understand what the purpose and need for the product are.

You_can_create_a_better_quality_product-min-minYou can create a better quality product

This point has been alluded to in all of the above. Through the development of a software prototype, you can develop a higher quality product. This is because creating a prototype gives developers the opportunity to find any potential issues and fix them. (Rather than creating the product, and realising after release you need a patch to fix it.)
Additionally, by creating a tangible model to test, developer’s can get feedback from clients and end-users. This feedback can then be used to refine the prototype before the final product is completed. Thus meaning the product can better meet the needs of the client and the user.

Greater user experience and involvement

As discussed, a tested app will typically produce a greater user experience anyway. By using your existing or prospective users for these tests, it means adjustments you make improve their experience.

By involving users in testing, it gives them a sense of ownership of the product. That and the ability to have an early glimpse also makes it possible to sell it before it has finished development. Like co-development, you can invite users to test. Some may even be convinced to pre-order your product.


Prototyping benefits can be minute, down to fixing an icon colour to increase the click rate. But these sorts of benefits will vary between each project. However, there are broad benefits that can be seen in any project. Prototyping is an investment to allow you to develop the highest quality product that meets your needs and your users. Crucially, it increases your likelihood to develop and launch a successful product.

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