Why are Mobile Apps So Popular and Beneficial for Brands

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There are now billions of active smartphone users around the world and the benefits of making your brand mobile-friendly are becoming increasingly clear. Specifically, why are mobile apps beneficial.

Remember, mobile apps are not only used on smartphones but on tablets too. Which means you have billions of users and devices you can use to build your brand.

Increase_engagement_and_build_brand_awareness-min-minIncrease engagement and build brand awareness

Build brand awareness

Mobile apps provide constant exposure to your brand. This is because your logo is visible on the phone’s home screen, whereas a bookmark in a user’s browser is very easy to miss or ignore.

Instant Online or Offline Access

Apps live on your users’ home screens, accessible by a single tap. Additionally, information can be stored in the app, meaning it can be loaded even without internet access.

Push Notifications

Developing a mobile application allows you to be able to send push notifications to your users. Push notifications are less intrusive or annoying as emails or texts, but still, have excellent open and engagement rates.

Technical_Advantages-min-minTechnical Advantages

Faster than a mobile website

Unlike a website or mobile site, an app doesn’t rely on running through a browser. Instead, information is stored in the app and can be accessed far faster.

Ability to access built-in phone features.

Mobile apps have the benefit of being able to use a phone’s built-in features. One example of this would be when an app can access a phone’s GPS, which means users can open a map and have their location shown in real-time according to the store’s location. Or if you have a feature to upload photos, users should have the option to access their camera.

Basically, it simply means you can give your users a better experience with more features, simply by piggybacking onto features built into the phone.

People are spending more time on mobile devices than ever before. More importantly, they spend an increasing amount of time on mobile apps.

If you have not yet made the move to mobile, now is the time.

You can call us today or book a free consultation to discuss the development of your custom-built app.

Make the move to mobile, and build your brand!

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