Startup Series #12: Market Research Tools for Startups

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As creatures of habit, particularly as far as buying things are concerned, we trust products and brands that have proven to live up to our expectations. Today’s startups must strive to win over prospects and turn them into leads.

Whether we like it or not, people are not fond of change. They don’t want to switch from one brand to another when they already have a favourite. Market research tools are vital in today’s business environment. They matter because they can guarantee long-term success.

From buyer personas and product planning all the way to social media monitoring and customer service, knowing what happens beyond the company office is fundamental to success. The market changes constantly, meaning that it’s important to know thy customer. Here are some of the best market research tools you should be considering.


Core features

What we like


Google Keyword Planner

Startup Series #12: Market Research Tools for Startups

Google Keyword Planner is a FREE AdWords tool that gives you the information and metrics required to make your brand known to the masses.

Startups can use it to look for the best keywords that match with the demands and purpose of their business.

Also, it helps you get local, narrowing things down making sure your product reaches out to the right people.

Excellent keyword research tool

Traffic forecast


Volume data search & trends


Very easy to use for non-tech startups

Precise keyword metrics 

Helps boost ranking & traffic

Helps business understand their customer



Startup Series #12: Market Research Tools for Startups

Platform for user testing videos, mobile apps, ad displays, and more.

Userlytics incorporates a screen recording and webcam feature that you can use to compare user answers, as well as their reactions.

Picture-in-picture user testing videos

Quality Assurance Review of Every Test

User Testing Executive Summary Report

Private Labelling of User Test Results

Global Panel and Recruitment of B2C and B2Bd

System Usability Scale (SUS), NPS and SEQ

Increase app & website conversion

Teaches startups how to improve and perfect user experience

Custom B2B and B2C user experience test recruitment around the world

Complete verbal transcription

User testing study design

Usability results review analysis & recommendations

Flexible pricing

DIY – 15 minutes max/session ($89/participant)

Screener – 30 minutes max/session ($89/participant) + $450 for projects with 20 participants max

Advanced Screener    45 minutes/per session

As low as $49/participant

Social Mention

Startup Series #12: Market Research Tools for Startups

Real-time social media monitoring & analysis tool that helps startups understand prospects

Aggregates user generated content, thus allowing you to track and measure everything people say about your brand online (especially on social media)

100+ social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, etc.

Point-in-time social media analysis service, search, API, and daily alerts

Very easy-to-use market and research tool for small startups

Tracks brand mentions in real time

Monitors a wealth of social media channels to make sure you’re in the loop with everything people are saying about your business


Survey Monkey

Startup Series #12: Market Research Tools for Startups

Startups looking for honest feedback on their products and services should definitely use Survey Monkey.

With the basic plan, which is free, you can craft the most efficient online polls and surveys

Custom long and branding

15+ types of questions supported

Use automatic scoring to create quizzes

Surveys can be sent out on mobile, through social media or the web – the choice is yours

Custom reporting

Enterprise-grade features with 24/7 premium support

Mobile app available, for both Android and iOS

Integrated with partners such as Eventbrite, MailChimp, and lots more

Excellent collaboration features which you can use to create, analyse, and edit your surveys

Robust analytics to help you make data-driven decisions

Real-time response, presentation-ready reports, and charts for easy sharing

Basic Plan – FREE

Select – €35/month

Gold – €400/month

Platinum – €900/month


Startup Series #12: Market Research Tools for Startups

With nearly 10 years of experience in SEO optimisation, SEMrush makes online competition between companies seem transparent and fair-play.

A leading marketing research service that helps businesses get insights into their competitors’ strategies – link building, advertising, paid and organic search 

Organic research – check keywords your competitors use the most often and find new competitors that might put your brand at risk

Advertising research – assess your main competitors’ ad strategies, ad copies, & keywords

Backlinks – deep link analysis and link geolocation

Essential SEM tool that helps you make the most of your marketing results

Complete blog audit

Versatile SEO tool

With SEMRush users have access to a comprehensive keyword research tool

Pros – $99.95/month

Guru – $199.95/month

Business – #399.95/month

We’ve highlighted 5 of the best market research tools for startups. As soon as your target audience is gathered and properly organised, the next step is to collect as much customer insight as possible. Be resourceful and diligent, and decide on the tool that best matches with your company culture.

Need help? Get in touch. Let IT Enterprise come up with the smartest solutions for your business. Drop us a comment below and let us know which market research tool you like the most.

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