Is Your Website Designed for Conversion?

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This is a very important question that you should be asking right now, after months of online marketing and SEO, after gaining site traffic in the thousands. What good is a huge amount of visitors to your site if they are not taking action? And by action, that means checking out more pages in your site, filling up forms, and buying all the way through your checkout page. All the stats you have right now are good, but would you want just that healthy feeling… or have real success that speaks: return? If your website is a leaking bucket right now, let us help you plug the holes so you can convert more.

Conversion Optimization in a Nutshell

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is more than just guesses or hunches. It is a mix of art and science to help you test and measure the most effective techniques to make people take the action that you would like them to. If you can figure out what people are looking for when they arrive at your site and give it to them so they won’t leave, wouldn’t that be a match made in heaven? You may be paying right now to acquire more traffic to your homepage, but it won’t do you any good if they are the wrong fit for your business; you might as well just end up with an online brochure.

Five (5) Most Important Conversion Rate Optimization Principles You Need to Remember

1. People Judge Books By the Cover

Like it or not, we are all visual-beings. By that, it means we simply pass judgment based on what we see. The same thing happens with your website. Would you buy from a site that looks amateur and outdated.. or something modern and responsive? To make it simple: Design matters a lot! It has a strong impact on your conversions, user experience, and customer loyalty. Skimping on design will hurt you for years.

2. It’s All About the Users

Does your website make it easy for people to find what they want? The way you organize the navigation of your site is just as important as the copy. Make sure that you also focus on ‘them’ – on what’s in it for them vs. what you are doing. There are website usability testing platforms online that you can use to help you identify sources of friction, on where they interact the least and the most, and behavior patterns. What you want to achieve is minimizing the barriers to conversion.

3. Understand the Buying Cycle

There are three (3) types of visitors who will land on your site:

  • Those who have a need, but they don’t know it
  • Those who are searching for a better option
  • Those who have made a decision

The first and third groups are more likely hard-selling for you, and you’d be lucky if a few will buy. The second group is what you want to focus on as they want to understand why you are the best fit. If you rush the sale before giving them enough information, it will scare them away. You should know that most people don’t buy on their first visit so having relevant content that will engage them will help push them further down your conversion funnel.

4. Design for Emotions

There’s a thin line between CTA (call-to-actions) and a compelling CTA; the second will convert more. While people perceive aesthetically-pleasing design as more trustworthy, you need to design your website with clarity, persuasion, and consistency – from your message, image, brand story, to your products/services offering. You must consider every design elements in a page like your typography, color and image choices, and features (buttons, navigation, forms, etc). Everything on your website SHOULD have a purpose.

5. Aim to Reduce Friction

It is innate as humans to fear the unknown. Whenever you ask people to do something, there will always be friction. And by friction, we mean doubts, hesitations, and second thoughts about taking an action. They will always ask questions like: Can I trust this brand? Will it work? What if it’s a scam? Is this the right choice for me? Is it really worth the money? And this is why the four items above are important to make it easy for people to buy from you.

I dare say that customers are smarter this time and yet, there’s a way for you to find that sweet spot to make them say: YES.

Do you need help turning the tables to your favor with your website design? Please get in touch, we’d be happy to help!

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