Exciting Examples of Connected Technology to Inspire You

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What is Connected Technology-minWhat is Connected Technology?

Connected technology, sometimes called Smart Connected Technology, are products with technology built in that allow it to connect with its environment and other products. (It’s tied up with the Internet of Things.)

This embedded technology typically compromises of sensors and processors. There can be other elements such as cameras, depending on what data the product needs to gather in order to integrate with its environment and communicate this data to a platform for you to access.

Examples of Connected Technology and How it Can be Used

Many industries are already embracing the possibilities and opportunities presented by Connected Technology. The range of applications of Connected Technology is vast and hugely varied. Some examples of Connected Technology can include:

The Smart Home

From Smart Meters, Smart Bulbs, to Smart Fridges. The range of Connected Tech coming into homes is huge, and probably the most obvious example of Connected Technology.

Health Monitors

Connected Technology is making waves in the medical world. Smart patches worn by patients allow remote readings of a variety of health indicators. From monitoring activity and falls to heart rate readings, ECGs, respiratory rate, to skin temperature, and more.


Wearable tech has exploded in recent years. From smartglasses like Google Glass to Snapchat Spectacles, to fashionable security jewellery such as Nimb, and activity monitors like Fitbit.

Connected Tech in Agriculture

Connected Technology helps farmers in many ways. One of the most widely used is tech to help maintain crops. With sensors measuring and maintaining tasks such as water consumption, soil quality, and harvesting. (Although there is another entirely different example we’ll talk about below.)

Connected Cars

Connected technology and the internet of things has even made its way into our automobiles. Many manufacturers are championing connected technology inside (and outside) their cars. None more so than BMW.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm… And-minOld MacDonald Had a Farm… And Some Great Smart Tech

I’m sticking with the theme of agriculture briefly to talk about one of my favourite examples of connected technology. It’s a calving sensor device created by Moocall.

It’s a great example of connected technology in application because it is imaginative and revolutionary in use, with tangible benefits for a specific industry. Really, it’s my favourite because it’s quite quirky but practical. That and the image of cows with phones will always make me smile.

The calving sensor makes use of sensors on cows that measure tail movements in order to predict labour in pregnant cows. This data is then fed to a central monitor which identifies if a cow is in labour. If a cow IS in labour, it sends a text to the farmer prompting them to come to the yard to supervise and help.

This means that farmers don’t waste their time with regular trips to and from their cowsheds to regularly monitor their cows and any progress in calving. It also saves them money and heartbreak of calving complications, as the farmer can be on hand to help.

Moocall might represent a very niche use of Connected Technology, but if anything, that simply demonstrates how adaptable and specific to your needs it can be.

Our Conclusion on Connected Tech-minOur Conclusion on Connected Tech

From cows to corporate, Connected Technology is changing lives and making work practises more efficient. We believe that examples of Connected Technology could find a place in any workplace. The only limit to its applications the imagination. If you have any tasks that require monitoring or data collection, and insight, then there is likely a way Connected Technology and the Internet of Things can revolutionise how you do it.

Smart technology can make your work life easier and more accurate and efficient.

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