How To Know If Your New App Will Be A Hit

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Building a web or mobile app is a great investment for a company. Not only in the sense of the time and money invested in creating the app, but also, the app itself embodies an investment in the business. With this in mind, how can you make the most of your venture and ensure your app is used and meets the needs of your users. In short, how do you go about creating a successful app?

Solve a Problem-minSolve a Common Problem

The most important factor in any new product’s chance of success is the necessity for the product. An app is no exception to this rule. When developing a new app, aim to solve a key problem in your industry. If your product can solve this issue, and make your users’ lives easier, then it will prove popular. 

Try not to worry about competition-minTry not to worry about competition

It can be discouraging to realise your app or product isn’t as unique as you had hoped. However, try not to be discouraged by this. If there are other companies researching or building similar products, it means that there is an obvious need for a solution to the problem they are solving. Furthermore, unless you are competing against some of the biggest brands, your competition shouldn’t be a huge problem. Just focus on your solution, and getting your brand recognised.

Build it for the Big Platforms-minBuild it for the Big Platforms

This is especially important when creating a successful mobile app. It is without a doubt that the mobile world is dominated by two giants. Apple and Android represent over 70% of all phones sold in the US. Although they are by no means the only operating systems available, your app will have a very limited market if it is unable to work on these operating systems.

Don’t over-exert yourself and your app-minDon’t over-exert yourself and your app

Try to keep your app simple. Don’t pack it with dozens of features. This can overwhelm your users, but also, many of the functions will be unused and redundant. You can investigate which functions are redundant or confusing by testing a prototype of your app.

When developing an app, focus on several core features that your users will use regularly. This means that your user can figure out your app unguided, and make their life simpler. If your app isn’t intuitive and easy to navigate, people will soon start deleting it. Additionally, focusing on fewer features will make the development process easier. 

Test your app-minTest your app

Understanding how your users will interact with your apps is vital. This is because as much as you assume how your product will be used, there is no guarantee that will be the reality. (In fact, it hardly ever is.)

Testing a prototype of your app is obviously important to find any issues in your app so that you can fix them. However later in the process, user testing will give you insight into how users experience your app. This will give you insight into their pain points, and their expectations of your product. This allows you to create a better quality app, which better serves your customers. And if it proves more useful and easy to use, the more regularly it will be used. This will ultimately maximise your chances of creating a popular, enduring application.

Plan your ongoing growth and engagement-minPlan your ongoing growth and engagement

Once your app has gone live, the work is not complete. You will need to foster a plan to continue user engagement with your application. For example, how you will make use of push notifications to encourage them to visit the app. Additionally, you will need to provide updates in the future. These updates may be standard bug fixes and security updates, but you could also choose to introduce new features and functions. These features may attempt to make your app increasingly relevant, encourage further engagement, or introduce monetisation. 

Developing a new application represents a great investment for your business, but naturally, you want to maximise your chances of building a successful app. If you follow the above advice, you will be on your way to doing this. Additionally, prototyping is another method to help you create a higher quality app with greater chances of success.

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