Startup Series #9: Bugtracking for Startups

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Excellent bugtracking starts with managing projects the right away. Setup must be transparent for your developing team to work at its fullest potential. An approach that is logically structured and specifically targeted at your project releases facilitates an easier handling of interruptions and unexpected changes, including bugs. Using spreadsheets and sticky notes might seem like the easiest way to track bugs. However, in the long-term, this lack of organisation causes serious issues you may not be able to handle on time.

The best thing you can do is to choose a unified tool; a program where bugs can be monitored and tracked in a database. Bug tracking and managing projects successfully can be very challenging when developing software. The best practices are meant to maximise overall quality assurance and product development. The right tool should help you test, check and process a project so that the result is a successful one. The following bugtracking tools might be of great use in helping your software development team track bugs and keep projects running smoothly. Make sure to check them out.


What we like




Jira is a bug tracking software package for agile developers and testers. It provides teams with a versatile and interactive database for tool planning, project management and reporting changes and defects. 

Jira has management and reporting features meant to help reduce deployment and delays, as well as prevent downtime post launch.

The planning tools available permit teams and organizations to track, schedule and review both ongoing and completed de-bugging attempts within the database.

Users are allowed to come up with their own program integrations; these expandability and integration options make Jira incredibly practical and easy to use by businesses and organizations that make use of their own tools when crafting software development initiatives.

Excellent bugtracking database

Defects and bugs are easy to track with the Capture for JIRA bug report

Scrum and Kanban workflow boards for easy planning

Agile reporting – teams can easily use the numerous out of the box reports with actionable, real-time insights into a team’s progress

Enhanced capabilities – developers can choose from 950 available add-ons on the Atlassian

Marketplace and integrate with JIRA

Small teams – $10/month

Growing teams – $75/month

Free trial available


Startup Series #9: Bugtracking for Startups

Usersnap is a visual bug tracker that provides feedback via screenshots. It comes with seamless integration, ad-hoc feedback widget, and real-time collaboration features.

Bug tracking is made easier with Usersnap. Point-and-click annotation tools are used to report bugs the moment they occur

No need for users to switch to an external app that reports bugs

Usersnap is meant to fit a start-up’s own development workflow, whether that business uses scrum, agile of kanban methods

Seamless integration with tools like Asana, Slack, Zendesk and more

Personal $15/month

Startup – $69/moth

Company – $129/month

Get in touch –enterprises should get in touch with Usersnap for a customized offer



BugClipper makes tracking bugs in mobile apps a lot easier. It captures and highlights screenshots for bug reports, and it permits users to record what happens to their screens with a click of a button.

Bug reports are extremely detailed, and users can use the screenshots to troubleshoot faster.

1-minute integration

Every action a user takes is recorded so that you can understand exactly how an app is used, what problems occur and how to fix them

Debugging is accurate and reporting is fast and accurate.

Easy-to-manage apps with the BugClipper dashboard

Real-time monitoring

FREE – 50 issues, up to 5 team members

Starter – $49/month (500 bugs, 10 team members)

Pro – $149/months (1000 bugs, 20 team members)

Enterprise – contact BugClipper for a detailed offer (unlimited bugs, 50+ team members)

Axosoft Bug Tracker

Startup Series #9: Bugtracking for Startups

Bring your team together and make software development faster and bug-free with Axosoft Bug Tracker.

Efficient project management tool that makes product configuration customizable

Project folders can be tracked to make sure teams are actually working and making progress

Comprehensive tool that help teams craft and release efficient software.

Excellent team collaboration

Powerful automation for improving the software development process with Scrum, Kanban and hybrid methodologies

Integration with a growing numbers of add-ons and extra tools through the Axosoft developer API

All packages are billed annually

Starter – $10/month (unlimited users)

Pro – $8/month (per user)

Premium – $21/month (per user)

Installed – $250 per user

Pivotal Tracker

Startup Series #9: Bugtracking for Startups

Free management tool for startups that makes planning and working seamless

Customizable layout that helps users stay in control by dragging and dropping stories in between projects

Detailed analytics that provide insight into the cadence of a project, as well as sneak peak at the progress made in time

In-depth project tracking so that startups can know for sure that their team is consistent; in case they need help, they can ask and get it immediately

Building blocks under the form of stories to keep project development run smoothly

Easy to create and share stories that can be dragged and prioritized

Easy integration with some of the most popular bugging systems: Jira, Lighthouse, Buggzilla and more.

Free trial – 30 days


Pro – $75/ – $300/month

Enterprise – companies should contact Pivotal Tracker for a personalized quote

Making projects run smoothly can be challenging for startups. Whether you’re looking to keep your team organised and productive, or you’re attempting to track bugs and boost your bottom line, it is important to choose your management tools wisely. We can help you make an informed decision! IT Enterprise is here to recommend you the best bugtracking tools for your startup. Let us be your guide to better software development that will give your business wings to fly.

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