Understanding the Development Cost for an App and How You Can Control It

App development | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

If you have considered developing a mobile app in order to make your business accessible and engaging, you have probably got an idea of the investment required. Yet the cost between the kind of app built, and the developers you use can vary significantly. So what exactly affects the cost of developing an app? I [...]read more

How Does The Instagram Algorithm Work?

Algorithms | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

Algorithms are everywhere now, from search engines to social media. They sometimes seem like methods steeped in mystery, deciding what we see in ways we never know. But in reality, they’re nothing more than formulas. And as with any formula, if you can determine how it works, you’ll be able to work out the answer. [...]read more

The Complete Advantages and Disadvantages of Off the Shelf Software

Software Development | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

Previously, I investigated the advantages and disadvantages of bespoke software in as much honesty and detail as possible. Today, I’ll be giving commercial software solutions the same treatment and breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of off the shelf software. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of off the shelf software and comparing it to bespoke [...]read more

An In-Depth Look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of Bespoke Software

Bespoke Software | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

We have become dependant on software to carry out our business. The solutions you use carry out vital business functions, so it is imperative that you have software in place that can support you and your work. However not all software is made equal. The predominant choice you have when acquiring new software for your [...]read more

How to Make a Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

If you have any interest in startup management, lean methodology or app development you might have already heard about the Minimum Viable Product and what it is. A Minimum Viable Product, also known as an MVP, is a method of developing and testing your business idea with the goal of gathering market-validated learning as quickly [...]read more

Why is Innovation Important and Why You Need to Make Time to Experiment

Innovation | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

Many people are wary of change, and that is why some remain sceptical about innovating. They don't understand why innovation is important, or simply don't want to accept the need for change. However, business innovation and the act of introducing anything new is the only way in which to make progress. If you did not [...]read more
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