What is Bespoke Software, and Why Should You go Bespoke?

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Bespoke software is described as software directed at the needs and wants of both your customer and company brand. It is a growing trend in the digital world.

As technology advances and users evolve, bespoke software is being seen as a necessity in order to meet the complex demands of businesses and users.

In this article, we will give a definition and introduction bespoke software, and then explain why many companies are now choosing to go bespoke.

What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software – sometimes called custom software or tailored software – is a software solution created for a specific user.

Much like a bespoke suit, these software solutions are made and tailored entirely to your exact specifications.

A bespoke software solution is designed to your precise needs and as such will meet all of your business requirements.

These bespoke solutions are even be developed to fit into your current ways of working, so you needn’t change how you work in order to employ the system.

As the solution is tailored to your individual business and you own the source code, the solution can be easily integrated with other bespoke or packaged software, used to replace a legacy system, and can be updated and expanded in the future.

Bespoke software is seen as the alternative to commercial software or “off the shelf” software.

You can read a comprehensive list of the advantages and disadvantages of bespoke software here.

What is Off the Shelf Software?

Off the shelf software, also called commercial software, is a pre-packaged solution available to purchase on the mass market. it is general-purpose and designed to work with different business models, in order to be used by as many people as possible.

This pre-packaged off the shelf software is intended for use by the mass market, and as such, is not built to any one set of specifications, offering general tools and features that many businesses will need.

This can cause a predicament because you could just as easily find you have more features availible than you will ever use, or not enough to even carry out your business functions.

As such, you may able to carry out all the functions you require to run your business with commercial software.

Equally, you may find you need to hire a developer to try and change it to meet your needs, or purchase additional software in order to carry out your work. In which case, you will have to adapt your ways of working around the software or purchase another solution to fill the gaps.

What is Bespoke Software, and Why Should You go Bespoke?

Why Would You Choose Bespoke Software?

With bespoke software, what you want is what you get.

The features of the product are tailored-made, meaning that you will use 100% of them.

It is the perfect solution for companies that want to set themselves apart from their competitors by creating a system that is unique to them, and designed for maximum efficiency, rather than relying on a commercial system that their direct competitors are likely using too.

With custom-made software, you are no longer compelled to compromise. Forget all about buying packages that are made “one size fits all”, and make your business stand out with unique applications that will help improve productivity and performance.

There’s more to bespoke software than meets the eye.

The changes you may want to implement along the way are done throughout the making process of your software. This helps you grow your business and meets your client’s demands.

Bespoke software is made to match your business model, making it possible to reduce issues and result in less supervision and fewer errors, whilst boosting positive factors such as improved performance and increased efficiency.

Costs are also reduced because repetitive tasks are automated, meanwhile utilising technology like the cloud means bespoke solutions can be more scaleable than the commercial software they are designed to replace.

In a world of advanced technologies, custom-made solutions are the key to differentiating your business from your competition.

The end result is a more fluid work-flow, unique services, and better products that fit with the demands of you and your customers.

Furthermore, bespoke can be used to integrate data from your current applications. As a consequence, the information is easier to integrate with your business model, and your customers are provided with better services and products.

Find out more about the specific ways in which bespoke software employed.

What is Bespoke Software, and Why Should You go Bespoke?

Is Bespoke Software Trendy or is it Necessary?

Bespoke software is not just a trendy concept that companies go for to make an impression, it has become a necessity.

Whether we like it or not, it’s tough to rise above the crowd and make yourself and your business stand out.


Because the competition is fierce. And a system that can’t adapt to change or evolve with business becomes a burden, and one that could cost the company big time.

You may have a product that exudes potential, but when a hundred more companies are offering something similar in the same way, you won’t make much headway.

What you should do is go bespoke and customise and personalise your product to make it unique. You can better match it with the demands of your clientele and give you the best chance of boosting awareness and bridging the gap between supply and demand.

Bespoke Software – Adaptable, Flexible, Agile

Unleash the power of your business and leverage its potential with custom-made software.

As opposed to off-the-shelf, custom software is adaptable, flexible, and agile: it is built and can be modified throughout the development process.

You can also adjust, expand, and improve the features without starting from scratch.

  • Adaptability – Targeting the right audience becomes easier when you use bespoke software solutions. Customers are more satisfied when they certain features of a website or app perfectly match with their expectations and demands.
  • Flexibility – Customization helps you develop functions that are targeted at your audience. Bespoke software is flexible in the sense that it allows designed to develop a clear interface. The process is adjusted and modified along the way; you can always go back and modify, improve, add and remove features as you see fit.
  • Agile – when implemented correctly, bespoke software increases the quality of the product. Designers can experiment, fix errors, and resume work where they left off without compromising the initial stages of the project. The development process allows your team to make changes, therefore ensuring that the customer is 100% satisfied.


bespoke1-PixTeller-85117 (2)


As technology becomes more sophisticated and widely available, the whole population feel somehow compelled to adapt and become more computer savvy too. 

For consumers, this means they expect a seamless experience that provides everything they need simply, on whatever device they are using.

for employees, it can cause friction when they are using legacy systems and software that are far worse than the tools they have available at home and in their daily life.

This is giving us all much higher expectations of the software that we use, and many commercial tools simply cannot cut the mustard.

Even though off the shelf software is versatile and easy to use, bespoke wins out because it’s qualitative and targeted at the needs of the client, their employees, and their own customers.

A demand for “smart” solutions drives today’s businesses to rethink their strategies and re-purpose the way they cater to people’s requirements.

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