Bespoke Software Development Trends for 2017

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Last year, we saw bespoke software development focus on the IoT (the Internet of Things). But it’s 2017 now, which means we expect newer, greater, and better trends to define and shape the industry. The software development landscape is changing, and increasingly more company leaders are curious to know what bespoke software is all about.

Tech discoveries are implemented extremely fast, and most of today’s teens and young adults can’t even imagine the world without iPhones and apps. Without properly implemented software that caters to the needs of the people, what we have today concerning technology wouldn’t be possible. Bespoke software examples such as VR, AI, 3D printing, common wearables, and smart machines demand unique solutions regularly – off-the-shelf software can’t give you what bespoke software can.

Tech innovations help define modern software trends because they help developers go in a particular direction. Savvy entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the advantages of bespoke software development solutions as they help cultivate a modern approach towards developing long-lasting, popular products. Let us have a closer look at some bespoke software trends that started in 2016 and will probably continue to change the way we see and use technology in 2017.

Mobile software apps

Bespoke Software Development Trends for 2017

Mobiles are now an integral part of our lifestyle and daily activities. To many people, a mobile device is a primary method of accessing the web. We live in the golden age of web app development where over 85% of the population uses mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites. This trend will continue to shape the mindset of enthusiastic entrepreneurs as far as software development is concerned. What’s amazing is that apps and mobile-friendly websites are no longer an area targeted at specialists. The software development industry has become a core competency of organisations of sizes and shapes.

Users are becoming more skilled, meaning that companies must strive to offer them mind-blowing mobile experiences. There’s a mobile shift happening in software development, and teams must consider a mobile approach first when designing apps. Mobile users will become a top priority for software developers in 2017, and even when it’s not a top priority, there will still be a movement towards crafting mobile-ready app components meant to add complexity and depth to the conventional way of building web apps.

Bespoke software loves AGILE

Bespoke Software Development Trends for 2017

Bespoke software and the agile methodology go hand in hand and will continue to shape the way developers build apps and handle projects. We’ve seen many companies go agile because it does work miracles when implemented correctly. Both bespoke software and the agile method embrace customization. Apart from boosting engagement at the workplace, an agile software development approach increases the quality of the work performed by your team.

Projects are completed dynamically and swiftly, not to mention that with agile you can correct and experiment – thus improving the quality of your product – without starting over from scratch. When combined with bespoke software, agile works at its best. The whole process becomes more flexible because developers have all the freedom that they need to introduce new features and make necessary changes or improvements.

Improved user experience

Bespoke Software Development Trends for 2017

Attracting and keeping users satisfied is becoming a fundamental piece of the bespoke software puzzle. The better you know your target audience, the better chances you have to choose what features fit best into a given scenario. The core focus is to integrate features that the customer needs and wants and to do that you must come up with the best functions and cleanest interface for your product. Savvy users that understand advanced technology demand embedded communication, e-payment systems, responsive design, and so much more. The good news is, bespoke software will be ready in 2017 to fulfil all those needs.

Cloud technology

Bespoke Software Development Trends for 2017

People fond of smart devices and all kinds of wearables use them because they can be easily interconnected, meaning that this 2017 we will probably see cloud technology climb to a whole new level. Electronics manufacturers have already started making plans; they’re now investing more in cloud security and cloud computing to ensure users that the technology can be trusted. Gartner estimates that about 30% of service-centric enterprises will relocate their ERP (enterprise resource planning) apps up on the cloud by 2018.

Not just business-oriented software embraces the trend, but also the online gaming industry. Rumour has it that some of 2016’s best games will use both cloud-based and console power in 2017. Thanks to bespoke software the nature of games is changing, and even though it’s still too early to consider moving all new games onto the cloud, sooner or later it might happen.

Increased Online Security

Bespoke Software Development Trends for 2017

Online security is without a doubt this year’s hottest trend in bespoke software engineering. The open APIs currently available, the personal data and growing popularity of the cloud will demand more sophisticated security measures. A user’s sensitive information is prone to all kinds of cyber-attacks caused by cloud storage cracks, hacking, corporate extortion, and IoT takeover. Custom software is the solution, and it has to be properly implemented for users and enterprises to feel safe when using cloud technology to staying connected.

Bespoke Software Development will increase in availability in 2017, giving entrepreneurs the chance to create custom-built apps targeted specifically at their services and products. The future’s bright for customised software, and we expect great things to happen in numerous industries, including e-commerce, online education, technology, and entertainment. Increasingly more people today are shopping online because it’s convenient, fast, and fun. Designing an app or mobile-friendly website has never been easier, and tailored software will continue to add new features into the mix, persuading users and companies to understand that tech-enabled solutions are the future of business.

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