The Advantages of Bespoke Software

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If you’ve looked anywhere across our website, or read our blog before, you’ve probably noticed the term ‘bespoke software’ cropping up. But what is it?  In this post, we’re going to discuss what bespoke software is, and how it holds up in comparison to off-the-shelf software. Although both can offer a software solution for your business, there are definitive advantages in pursuing the development of bespoke software to meet your needs.

But first, let’s remind ourselves what is bespoke software? It’s software that is tailor-made for a client, according to their requirements. Whereas off-the-shelf software is a pre-made product that is commercially available.

The big difference between the two is obvious. It is that one software product is made specifically for a client and their needs in mind, while the other is made to appeal to a mass market. This difference in product development brings a host of advantages.

The Advantages of Bespoke Software

The Problems with Off-the-Shelf.

Off-the-shelf products are good in their own right, but using them can bring compromise and even disadvantages to a business. This is because they are made to suit a broad market, and offer solutions to a variety of needs, to a host of people. This means that they have a lot of features, more than you would likely ever need, and don’t specifically target the problems one single client is facing. This means they can be overly complicated, not user-friendly, and in the end, not even provide a great solution to your problem, if at all. Essentially, you could be trying to use a square peg in a round hole.

Additionally, because off-the-shelf products are made to suit a broad market, they aren’t made to suit a certain process. This means if a company decides to use this software, they might have to change their working process to suit the software, rather than the software working to suit them, their needs, and their work.

The product also doesn’t have a lot of room for adaptation and development. Sure, a lot of developers offer upgrades, but the addition or removal of features isn’t likely to happen unless it suits the large customer base. This means if something isn’t working for you, you’re stuck with it.

The Advantages of Bespoke Software

The Advantages of Bespoke Software

Furthermore, the fact that bespoke software is made for the client means that it can evolve with the client’s business. Bespoke software can easily be modified, and continually be adapted to meet a client’s needs making it a solution to the software needs of the future of the business, as well as the present.

Another advantage that bespoke software brings is boosted efficiency and a more user-friendly product. As the product is custom-made, it will work in a way to fit your company and its process. Designed with that in mind, it will be the most efficient solution for that company, and their desired result. And as workers won’t have to learn to work with a rigid pre-made product, but have one that suits them, it will enhance their work. Bespoke software offers the most efficient, effective solution to a company’s needs. This has its own advantage of giving a company a competitive edge, as the software is custom-made, no other company will own it and reap its benefits.

Another advantage of bespoke software that is often overlooked is the benefits that come from using a software prototype. Having a developed product means it’s feasible to use a prototype, allowing a company to gain huge advantages such as focused market research, boost engagement, and user-friendliness. If you want to learn more about software prototyping and its benefits, we’re one step ahead. You can see our breakdown of what is and its benefits here.

This list of advantages is not exhaustive, but a simple explanation of some of the biggest benefits that bespoke software can bring to your business compared to other commercial solutions. If you want to find out more about bespoke software solutions for your company, or are looking to have a product developed, we’ll be happy to help. So do get in touch to find out more about what bespoke software can do for your company, and what we can do to provide bespoke software!

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