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The Huge Impact of Digital Transformation in Retail

Digital Transformation | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

The retail industry is one which must adapt to changing consumer habits and expectations or face falling behind. Even in the time I've written this article, M&S has slipped from the FTSE100. (And although within the travel industry, the news of Thomas Cook's collapse.) Not to mention, in the last month several brands have hit troubled [...]read more

Infographic: McDonald’s Digital Transformation & Why We’re All “Lovin’ It”

Digital Transformation | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

Digital transformation is shaping the brands we know and love. When deployed successfully, it drives them forward despite evolving audiences and world, even amidst uncertain economic climates. Digital transformation is not only the adoption of new technology but strategies and skills. Ultimately, a business model with be reshaped with a focus on digital being placed [...]read more

McDonald’s Digital Transformation: Are we Lovin’ It?

Digital Transformation | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

Many companies have undergone a digital transformation in recent years, including many Fortune 500 companies. Adopting a digitally-focused approach to business not only has a host of benefits for your company but it helps to create relevance and longevity in a digital future. In this article, we will provide a brief recap of what digital [...]read more

Infographic: Why Digital Transformation is Important

Digital Transformation | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

If you have read our introduction to digital transformation, you will have a good understanding of what digital transformation is, and why it is important. Digital transformation ensures your business evolves to meet the expectations of today's market. (Even the majority of B2B business is now online.) It modernises the workplace with new structures and [...]read more

What is Digital Transformation? An Introduction

Digital Transformation | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

Digital transformation may seem like a buzzword. However, it is an important step in ensuring businesses are prepared for the future and are able to work effectively within the new digital world. What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is more than the incorporation of digital technology throughout a business. It takes into account the latest [...]read more

How Bespoke Software has Advanced the Medical Industry

Artificial Intelligence | 0 comments | by Erin Quilliam

The medical industry has seen great success by embracing new technology and the adoption of digital. For example, relatively simple technical processes such as digitising prescription services have been shown to increase pharmacy efficiency, improve the customer experience, and provide transparency and accessibility for patients. Similarly, providing patients with online portals to manage their appointments [...]read more