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Infographic: 9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas

Startups | 0 comments | by Thomas De Vos

You want to be in business because you have this million-dollar startup idea in your head wanting to get out. And you have a gut feeling that your idea will be successful. However, starting a business and putting into action your brilliant idea are really hard, especially with the very competitive society we have today. [...]read more

How to Start learning Artificial Intelligence?

Software Development | 1 comments | by Thomas De Vos

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a sub-division of computer science. The main goal is to enable a smart device (e.g. computer, smartphone) to perform activities that are normally done by people. First mentioned back in the 50s in the paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, written by mathematician Alan Turing, artificial intelligence is now a very popular [...]read more

Cool Machine Learning Examples in Real Life

Algorithms | 0 comments | by Thomas De Vos

Machine learning is fun, challenging, puzzling, and even a bit scary if you’re one of those people that believe robots will someday steal our jobs and rule the world. This article will focus on Real Life and Practical Machine Learning Examples. Whether we like it or not, we are surrounded by adaptive smart things that [...]read more