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10 Ideas for Startups That Never Work

Startups | 0 comments | by Lucy Adams

Did you know that 9 out of 10 startups fail, not recouping the money invested? So why not to protect aspiring entrepreneurs from the tragic fate of their predecessors by providing the toughest business areas in which it is better not even try? Let's have a look at some ideas for startups that never work. [...]read more

IT Enterprise Sponsors Camberley Rebels U14 Football Club

Sponsor | 0 comments | by Thomas De Vos

Camberley Rebels U14 is an enthusiastic football team made up of 16 talented players. Led by coaches Mark Relf, John Doyle and Nick Stewart. The Rebels represent Camberley Town FC. They’ve proven to be competitive on the field, managing to score an unprecedented win against FC Bracknell and Woodley Royals back in October. As of [...]read more