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Start Up Series #4: Domain Name Tools for Startups

Startup Series | 0 comments | by Shaz Ide

Starting a new website is like having a newborn child. Your chances of success on the Web starts with your domain name and coming up with something that will bring a lifelong impact on your business is still a hit-or-miss game. Domain names are not just for credibility and ownership, but it is also a [...]read more

SEO Optimisation For Start Ups

Website Design | 0 comments | by Shaz Ide

In case you didn’t know, 75% of internet users today don’t scroll beyond a search engine’s first page. What does this mean? Well, it basically means that if you’re not in the top, 75% of people looking for something online won’t find your business. Out of a myriad of marketing techniques and strategies available online, [...]read more

The Software Prototyping Guide

Software Development | 0 comments | by Shaz Ide

A prototype is an initial sample or mockup of a product with a main purpose - to test a process or concept and validate its requirements. In software development, prototypes are tried and tested programs (e.g. beta version of an app) with several key objectives: To illustrate the prototype’s use at different stages of the [...]read more

Start Up Series #3: E-Mail Marketing Tools for Startups

Startup Series | 3 comments | by Shaz Ide

Email marketing is dead, said many a few years back and yet, here it is - very much alive like it was just yesterday. While some may think that it is old-fashioned compared to social media and mobile marketing, you'd be surprised that with the help of a strong content marketing strategy, email is more [...]read more

Machine learning for beginners

Uncategorized | 0 comments | by Shaz Ide

Machine learning is a field that studies the “science” of how computers can be taught to do things. It is based on    a computer how to program itself, thus developing the ability to perform a certain task without having someone describe explicitly how that task is performed. For example, if we want to teach a [...]read more

Hosting – Cloud Computing Platforms for Startups

Software Development | 0 comments | by Shaz Ide

From what was once a buzzword, the cloud is now a place where you can host every bit of information available. As internet speeds increase, server costs have dramatically dropped to give you more options in advanced cloud hosting solutions that act as virtual servers you can pay-per-use than having to set up and run [...]read more