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Start Up Series #1: Wireframing Tools for Startups

Software Development | 0 comments | by Shaz Ide

If you're in the early stages of software product development, you will want to stick with a lean process in going through numerous idea iterations. That's where wireframing tools can help, whether you're running a big company or a one-man team. To quickly develop the basic hierarchy, layout, and content in the interface faster and [...]read more

Choosing Between Bespoke or Off the Shelf Software Solutions

Bespoke Software | 0 comments | by Shaz Ide

Business needs vary from one company to another. But one consistency is that constant development in techniques and processes are a must for a business model to succeed. Company owners are compelled to step out of their comfort zone and perform frequent evaluations to see whether their current approach is being effective or not. In [...]read more

How Small Businesses Can See the Benefit of Mobile Apps

Uncategorized | 0 comments | by Shaz Ide

Most businesses today are aware that if they want to live up to the competition, they have to acknowledge the benefit of mobile apps. However, a mobile-friendly website is not enough to make your start-up appear different and unique. Apps aimed at your business are equally important because they help connect with customers on-the-go, as [...]read more

The Ultimate Programming Websites for Beginners Guide

Software Development | 0 comments | by Shaz Ide

I learned to program by working on projects that piqued my interest. There’s no shame in seeking help when necessary, although a DIY approach is what everyone should do to make concepts unforgettable. It is important to have a foundation before getting started. A thorough understanding of patterns and syntax is required in the programming [...]read more