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What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a scientific method that involves analysing data by automating the process. It seeks to answer the very¬†question of ‘How we can teach our systems to automatically learn and improve with experience?’

By learning, it means recognising complex patterns and making intelligent decisions based on data inputs which are often too complex for a human to process. Algorithms are used iteratively to learn from data to find hidden insights in order to bring about reliable and repeatable results.

As today’s new computing technologies become complex, the science of machine learning is gaining momentum, helping businesses apply complex mathematical calculations to big data – with speed, precision and accuracy.

Here are a few examples of Machine Learning applications for everyday life:

IT Enterprise Machine Learning examples IT Enterprise Machine Learning examples
The self-driving Google car
Social listening applications
Web search results
Market pricing models
Fraud detection
Prediction of success and failures
Credit scoring
Text-based sentiment analysis
Pattern recognition
Online recommendation or offers on big eCommerce sites (Amazon, Netflix)
Image Map Design Implement Accept Deploy Analyze


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