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Careers @ ITE

Careers @ ITE


Shaping the future for our clients and people starts with teamwork. It is through hard work, collaboration and mutual respect have we overcomed the most challenging projects that we dared to take. Together, we have made dreams and innovation happen.

Life With IT Enterprise is…

  • Rewarding – with each successful project delivery
  • Sustainable – with competitive rates for your skills
  • Diverse – as you work with people of various talentsĀ across the world
  • Creative – where everyone gets to think big in our round table
  • Fun – where you work any time and anywhere you wish
  • Fast – because we have no time for drama and gossips, simple


1. Business Development Manager

If anything you touch turns into gold, we want you to be the driving force behind our sales and lead generation efforts in building a successful business relationship with our clients.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Experience, like the best wine that improves with age
  • A barrel of motivation for sales
  • Fox-like prospecting skills
  • Tactical Sales and Goals Planning
  • Knows Customer Relationship Management By Heart
  • Has an ‘All-Seeing’ eye when it comes to market and industry knowledge
  • Presentation skills that will make your jaw drop
  • Fast & the Furious
  • Positive Can-Do Attitude
  • Good Business Sense
  • And at the end of a grueling day, still keeps up a professional vibe

The Finer Detail: At least a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent, and 3-5 years of sales or marketing experience

Your Duties:

  • Write project proposals and specifications
  • Craft training programs, if necessary
  • Study competitors and find opportunities to compete better
  • Review contracts with existing and new clients
  • Collaborate with the key decision makers and sales manager(s)
  • Identify innovative ideas in the industry through online research
  • Locate and propose potential business deals
  • Contact potential partners
  • Discover new opportunities to grow the business
  • Plan a negotiation strategy and close new business deals
  • Protect valuable business information
  • Find ways to enhance the organisation’s reputation

2. Sales Manager

Do you eat profit for breakfast? If numbers is your game and hitting sales goals is something of an obsession for you – then, we want you!

What We Are Looking For:

  • Someone who can sell ice to the Eskimos
  • An Eye for Customer’s Needs
  • Hyperdrive for All Things Related to Sales
  • A cheerleader who loves to counsel and motivate others
  • A strategic mind who can come up with winning sales plans
  • Loves people and building relationships with them
  • A walking human organiser who can meet sales goals
  • A go-getter who doesn’t know the word ‘surrender’
  • A Do-er, than a Talk-er
  • A bubbly personality and a positive outlook in life

The Finer Detail: At least a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or equivalent, and 3-5 years of sales or marketing experience

Your Duties:

  • Collaborate with the key stakeholders when it comes to sales action plans and results
  • Study and implement sales and marketing strategies
  • Establish a sales objective for the business
  • Keep current with trends, supply and demand, competitors and economic indicators
  • Counsel and direct any person(s) that you will train and manage
  • Find opportunities to obtain profitable results for the organisation
  • Assist the business development manager, when needed, like in the development of an annual marketing plan
  • Monitor the performance of the sales team and establish a system of metrics, reports, and communications
  • Consult with key stakeholders to plan strategies that will secure more clients for the organisation
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We will prepare the experts, process, environment and roadmap needed to achieve your goals



We will bring together talent, innovation and technology to work on your project's blueprint.



We will give you quick access to our people, methods and infrastructure to help improve on each project iteration.



We will execute the solutions to complete your --' project and transfer knowledge, while protecting your intellectual property.



We will define, study and clarify with you the scope and limits of your requirements.