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What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software is also known as custom software, or a software that is tailor made for a client. Unlike off-the-shelf software, bespoke software is designed specifically for key business needs.

As your business evolves and grows, so does your requirement. When software is the very foundation of your business, you would want to have it designed to solve problems and optmise processes more than what a typical packaged or commercial software can offer.

The beauty of investing in bespoke software is that you can build one area, and expand on later, rather than starting all over from scratch.

What are the benefits of bespoke software?

Have you ever paid for a commercial software that is too complicated for your requirements? Or, how about paying for features that you don’t really need and worse, doesn’t work with other systems you already have? How about buying a software with features you need that is not configurable enough, or is costly to do so? Your developer may have some plans to add new features but is limited to the standard features of your existing package.

If any of these scenario sounds familiar to you, the time to choose IT Enterprise to develop your bespoke software is here:


You will have a direct relationship with your developer, where s/he can suggest items for improvement faster. Located in London, we can always meet you to discuss your project from consultation to completion.

Total Control

You don’t need to wait for the next release for software upgrades. You control the pace. You get features and functionality you need now, and have the chance to expand in the future. No license fees.

Cost Effective

Since IT Enterprise is agile, our processes ensure that our clients get the best productivity and value for their money. This means you save more on the cost of training and supervising your own staff in using it and saying goodbye to charges per user for the licenses you will buy in most commercial software.


Having a bespoke software is a great way to make a big impact about your business, helping you make a unique statement and brand image that will impress your customers, employees, investors and partners.

Bespoke Support

Your software can make or break your business; it can differentiate you above the competition. With a good client-developer relationship, significant benefits can be had!


Bespoke software is built to meet whatever you want it to, which means it is specific to your business and is out of reach to your competition. This gives you a unique advantage over them.

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We will prepare the experts, process, environment and roadmap needed to achieve your goals



We will bring together talent, innovation and technology to work on your project's blueprint.



We will give you quick access to our people, methods and infrastructure to help improve on each project iteration.



We will execute the solutions to complete your --' project and transfer knowledge, while protecting your intellectual property.



We will define, study and clarify with you the scope and limits of your requirements.